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infant easter basket ideas

Easter Basket Ideas for Infants

Easter is a time of celebration of new life, and therefore it makes an excellent gifting opportunity for babies, the ultimate emblem of new life. There are so many Easter basket ideas for infants, and we’ll go over some of the best ones. 

Easter baskets are a lovely tradition where the basket both holds the gift and forms part of it, making your gift extra special. 

What this article covers:

What Is an Infant Easter Basket?

Easter baskets as a tradition are very old, with roots in pre-Christian rituals. Because Easter aligns with the Spring Equinox, it’s associated on many levels with new life and abundance. Whether you’re religious or not, Easter is a time of new beginnings and celebration.

easter basket ideas for baby

An infant Easter basket is a basket of gifts tailored specifically for a young baby. As such, you’ll choose appropriate gifts rather than simple Easter chocolates. It’s an opportunity to give a wonderful, meaningful gift. 

Why Should You Consider Making One?

One of the advantages of Easter baskets is that the basket holds the gifts, while also being an integral part of the gift. When putting together an Easter basket, choose your basket carefully. 

You could go for a decorative basket or something more practical, like toilet paper storage baskets. These are both attractive and incredibly functional, and they work well for all genders. There are just as many Easter basket ideas for boys as there are for girls. 

first easter basket ideas

Baskets are eco-friendly gift containers that provide a benefit rather than contributing to clutter or waste.

This is a wonderful tradition, whether you’re giving a gift to an infant or putting together Easter basket ideas for older kids

Basket Ideas

Personalized Baskets

There are many wonderful baskets out there that make a great base for an Easter gift. Choosing a basket is also a great place to add some personalization to your present. 

newborn easter basket ideas

Heart-shaped baskets are a winner and provide an awesome storage option while also showing the recipient just how much you love them. Another way to personalize your gift is to look into customizable corner baskets, where you can order a basket to fit the exact specifications of the family receiving it. 

This is an especially thoughtful gift, as the basket can solve just about any storage issue - just another reason to love Easter baskets. The same thing is true for other loved ones, like an Easter basket for teen girls or even an Easter basket for a girlfriend

6 month old easter basket ideas

Reusable, Eco-Friendly Baskets

One of the problems with getting gifts for infants is that they tend to outgrow things fast, whether it be clothes or toys. So when you’re choosing an Easter basket for an infant, make sure that you choose a high-quality basket that will last a lifetime. This also applies to Easter baskets for toddlers

what to put in a baby easter basket

Based on our experience, we’d choose the big Easter basket from Amish Baskets. Using traditional methods handed down through the years, these are well-made baskets that can survive a lot of wear and tear. We can promise this product lives up to its long-lasting reputation. 

These are artisanal baskets, handmade by local Amish women with great care and attention to detail. They’re incredibly versatile, so your Easter basket may double as a bathroom storage basket

infant boy easter basket ideas

Filler Ideas

In our experience, we’ve found that it’s a good idea to mix both sentimental and practical gifts when putting together an Easter basket for an infant. 

Notes From Loved Ones

There is something very special about a handwritten note, particularly in an era of predominantly digital communication. And Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate family and community through physical notes, whether long or short.

baby easter basket filler ideas

This is also an idea that translates well for older children. Some sentimental notes are a great Easter basket idea for college students, especially if they’re studying away from home. This also works as an Easter basket idea for a boyfriend. As boys get older, they tend to get less sentimental gifts, and a kind word can go a long way. 

easter basket ideas for 6 month old

Stuffed Animals

Depending on how old the infant is, they might not fully appreciate a gorgeous stuffed animal in their Easter basket. However, this is one of the best keepsake gifts - how many of us still have a beloved teddy bear from childhood? 

Getting a high-quality toy when you’re an infant means that you can grow up with your stuffed animal beside you, and it can become an integral part of your childhood memories.

Age Appropriate Toys

While long-term keepsakes are lovely, sometimes something like a pacifier makes for a perfect Easter basket filler. When it comes to age-appropriate toys, chat with the parents to see if there is anything they need.

While keepsakes are there for the baby’s future, gifts focused on the present are about the parents as well. It’s a good way to give them things they need, but you should make sure that you aren’t one of 10 people giving them the same book. 

Toys are also a great inclusion if you’re looking for Easter basket ideas for toddlers. Just don’t forget the value of quality over quantity. 


Depending on how old the infant is, you can get them some baby-friendly snacks, like fruit bars or pouches. This is a nice way to provide a yummy treat without just giving the baby a bunch of processed sugar. Luckily, there are lots of options for non-candy Easter basket ideas, as well as healthy Easter basket ideas.

baby's first easter basket ideas  

Decoration Ideas

There are two main directions to go when decorating an Easter basket. You can opt for traditional Easter decorations, including bunnies, eggs, and grass. This is a beautiful way to celebrate Easter and spring and will make for a great prop in an Easter photo shoot.

The other option is to customize the decoration for the family you’re gifting it to. Maybe the baby has an absolute favorite show, or the parents have a minimalist aesthetic.

baby easter basket idea

Drawing from our expertise, we highly recommend Pinterest as a source for great decoration ideas, color palettes, and ways to build a striking and cohesive theme. Something else to look into is religious Easter basket ideas if you are giving it to a religious family. Some people will appreciate an individual touch rather than generic decorations, whereas others prefer the traditional aesthetic. 


At the end of the day, there are so many options for infant Easter basket ideas and you can really get your creative juices flowing. 

The most important thing to get right is selecting a high-quality basket for your wonderful gift, which is easy with Amish Baskets.

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