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Celebrate the excitement, new beginnings, and abundant blessings of Spring by inviting the loving craftsmanship of the Amish into your home.

There’s nothing like springtime in the Amish community. Fertile soils are tilled and gardens are planted as everything turns green and life is renewed once again. The blessings and promise of rebirth in the Spring bring with it the happiest days of the year. The Amish families are busy crafting one-of-a-kind baskets to give your home an abundantly-blessed Spring look.

Large Vintage Picnic Basket

The fun days of Spring are about to begin. Be prepared to enjoy the bright sunshine, warm air, and the lush green grass with this Amish woven picnic basket. Whether it’s a special occasion, a meal in the park, a trip to the beach, or just spending quality time outdoors... Taking along this big picnic basket will allow you to deliver lots of goodies to your picnic or party in style.

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Small Wicker Picnic Basket

When Spring arrives, all the bright colors of nature will be inviting you to go outside and soak up the wonderful sunshine. This small picnic basket is sure to be a perfect Spring and Summer companion for romantic getaways or to use as a lunch basket or as a picnic basket for the kids. This picnic basket’s smaller size also makes it a perfect wine and cheese basket.

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Vintage Wicker Bird House

Celebrate as Spring awakens the trees to their natural beauty by displaying this Amish handmade birdhouse. This decorative birdhouse is completely functional and provides a secure home for small songbirds such as wrens, chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches. This cottage birdhouse is woven from authentic wood materials. (Mounting bracket sold separately.)

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11” Round Woven Wastebasket

Just like the many blossoms and blooms of Spring, this basket will have your home overflowing with the feeling of nature. Use this basket to provide an interesting and useful accent in your decor. The vintage design of this versatile waste and storage basket will add a special look to your farmhouse, rustic, primitive, and many other home decor themes.

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Narrow Magazine Basket w/Legs

This decorative floor magazine basket is designed to keep your mail, books, magazines, and newspapers attractively stored away while maximizing your floor space. The tall and slim design of this magazine basket will help you keep everything from Spring’s exciting new seed catalogs to your daily newspaper neatly organized within reach of your favorite chair.

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Small Oval Easter Basket

This rustic, oval-shaped, Easter basket is the perfect way to celebrate and cherish the hope and rebirth that comes with spring. Whether you use this basket as a keepsake gift for your children and grandchildren, or as a special addition to your home decor, we are sure you will find hundreds of uses for this versatile wicker basket all year round.

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Rectangular Tissue Box Cover

Welcome the new beginnings of Spring to your home by adding this Amish handmade Tissue Box. Hide away unsightly tissues with this custom-designed basket that holds standard size Kleenex® tissue boxes. Add this tissue box cover to your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or any room in your home to accent your farmhouse, country, rural or rustic decor.

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10” Tabletop Lazy Susan

This Spring you can fill any room with happiness, fun, and organization. Simply add this wonderful, rotating, Amish handmade lazy susan basket to your spring decorating. Use this beautiful basket as a centerpiece on any counter or on your kitchen table to hold fruit, condiments, medication, or anything you need to keep within easy rotational reach.

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Medium Wicker Laundry Basket

The answers to your storage and laundry handling needs will blossom like flowers in the Spring with this Amish handcrafted basket. This laundry and storage basket comes with strong leather handles will make it easy to carry even the heaviest loads. This basket also makes a versatile travel basket in your trunk or back seat to carry anything from baked goods to sports equipment.

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Bone Shaped Dog Toy Basket

Give your four-legged family member a basket full of fun and frolic this Spring by keeping all their treats, chew toys, leashes and the rest of their essential pet supplies neatly organized and stored away in this dog toy basket. The playful bone shape of this charming dog toy storage basket will perfectly accent your rustic, country, primitive, vintage, or farmhouse decor.

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9" Small Round Egg Basket

This Amish handmade Egg Basket allows you to gather any of nature’s overwhelming Spring abundances with ease. Sometimes referred to as a Melon Basket, this medium egg basket is perfect for many uses from adding potpourri, using as a fruit bowl, storing knitting or crocheting projects, adding greenery, or it can be used as an Easter basket filled with goodies.

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Wall Hanging Mail Basket

While the magic of Spring is nature’s backdrop outdoors, using this large decorative wicker wall hanging basket in your home can add a warm and inviting springtime look and feel to your home indoors. This hanging mail basket is perfect for decorating or to organize envelopes, notepads, magazines, or any items you would like to display or keep handy.

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Small Round White Easter Basket

Just as Spring paints everything with a fresh coat of color, you are sure to enjoy this farmhouse-white coated Easter basket. While this basket may start its life with your family as a special Easter gift, you will likely find hundreds of other decorative and storage uses in your home decor for this beautiful and versatile basket during any season of the year.

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Round Bread & Fruit Basket

Just as Spring does to everything around us… Breathe new life into your kitchen and home decor with this perfectly sized wicker basket. With hundreds of uses far beyond serving bread and holding fruit... You will want to keep several of these baskets around for everything from decorating to being a handy place to throw items like keys, wallets, or toiletry items.

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