Your decorating can reflect the special remembrances of faith, blessings of hope, and the peace of His everlasting love as you create a Christmas to be remembered in your home.

By relying on the faith-filled hands and the heritage of peace and hope that is deeply-rooted in the Amish family tradition of weaving heirloom-quality baskets, you can give your home (and your gift giving) a one-of-a-kind warmth that will overflow with the warmth that comes from understanding that the most important things in life are God and family.

Fireplace Hearth & Magazine Basket

Create an inviting hearth filled with warm memories that you will cherish throughout the year with this multi-purpose woven storage basket. You are sure to find hundreds of ways to add comfort and convenience to your home with this multi-purpose basket that is destined to become a highlight in your decor. This basket comes with leather carrying handles.

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Large Rustic Decorative Centerpiece

You can extend the joy and love you feel during Christmas to every day of the year with this large decorative wicker centerpiece. This extra large tray is crafted to be gorgeous on your dining room table or fireplace mantel all year round. Measuring a generous 27" in length and 7" wide, this centerpiece will inspire the most unforgettable decorating ideas during any season.

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Woven Wicker Pet Bed Basket

Being surrounded by love and warmth while you enjoy the closeness of your four-legged friends this Holiday Season has never looked better, or been more comfortable. Showcasing this luxurious dog bed in your home is the perfect way to give your pet their very own comfy space with the family while complementing your home’s decor. Available inFour Sizes.

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Santa’s Christmas Sleigh Centerpiece

Have yourself a merry little Christmas. This heartwarming Christmas sleigh is the perfect Holiday accent to add charm and enchantment your holiday decorating. Using this timeless woven wood sleigh under your tree, on a table, or on your fireplace mantel is a quick and easy way to enhance the heartwarming memories everyone will be enjoying during the Holidays.

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Double Sided Peanut Basket

Use this unique peanut basket to enhance festive Christmas cheer with your friends and family. With its double basket design, this basket eliminates mess by allowing you to keep your favorite nuts on one side and empty shells on the other. This basket is also a great way to offer Christmas candies, and other treats to your family and guests plus it makes a great gift idea.

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Woven Christmas Tree Collar

During the Holiday Season your Christmas Tree will be surrounded by all the wonderful things that bring Christmas cheer. Using this special Christmas tree ring in your decorating will bring a special focus on your tree with its unforgettable charm, warmth, and beauty. The rustic, farmhouse look of this ring will have everyone talking about how impressive your decorating is.

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Crochet & Knitting Basket Organizer

Nothing creates a well-remembered Christmas past better than a joyful Christmas present. This unique Amish woven crochet or knitting basket makes a perfectly-unforgettable gift that will continue to deliver the warmest memories of happiness for generations to come. This heritage-quality knitting or crochet yarn organizer will become a treasured family heirloom.

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Rustic Two Story Birdhouse

Share the wonder and miracle of the Christmas season both inside and outside your home with this entirely functional, two story, rustic birdhouse. In addition to being an enchanting decorative accent in your farmhouse, rustic or country decorating, this unique birdhouse can also be placed outdoors to attract small songbirds to your home and garden all year round.

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Cottage Style Birdhouse

This unique birdhouse will deliver a never-ending season of love and peace to your home’s decor and can also provide a secure and special home for small songbirds such as wrens, chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches to nest and raise their young in the spring. This fully-functional birdhouse is hand-woven from authentic wood materials in a vintage cottage design.

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Handmade Amish Doll Cradle

Create the opportunity to enjoy the things that are most important and deliver a treasured Christmas memory filled with the warmth of family that will be cherished forever. This precious, furniture-quality, doll cradle will fit any doll up to 18" in size and is sure to become the centerpiece of playtime adventures for generations to come. (Bedding and Amish dolls sold separately)

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Large Wall Hanging Basket

You can easily fill each corner of your home and your heart with the magic of Christmas with this delightful wall hanging basket. From creating charming decor pieces for your walls or doors to functioning as a handy wall-hanging mail basket, you are sure to find dozens of handy decorating, storage or sorting uses for this large and beautiful hanging basket. (Sold Individually)

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