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tailgating basket ideas

Tailgating Basket Ideas

Trying to come up with something fun for the next big game day? Have a look at the ultimate tailgating basket ideas to ensure that you have the perfect gift sorted out. 

What this article covers:

What Is Tailgating?

Tailgating is the practice of hanging out and having a party around the trunk of someone’s car (also called the tailgate, which is where the name comes from). It’s generally associated with big sporting events, particularly American football, where fans attending the game hang out in the parking lot of the stadium. 

tailgate basket ideas

Benefits of Tailgating Basket Ideas

Something that can be hard to get right in gifting is the balance between function and sentimentality. Tailgating baskets are a great opportunity to give practical gifts because part of the gift is the experience that you’ll have together at the tailgating party.

So choosing things like food preparation items and snacks enhances the experience. They can simply pop the basket in the back of their car and head to the game. 

Choosing the Right Tailgating Basket Items

Tailgating baskets make great gifts because there are lots of obvious choices for what items to include in your gift, but that doesn't mean you can’t throw in unique items. Ideas for a tailgating basket are going to be different from welcome basket ideas

Types of Baskets to Consider

First things first, you need to make sure that your basket is the right size. You don’t want to give someone an XL sewing basket if all it's going to hold is a six-pack. A basket that’s too big or too small is not ideal, so make sure you know what gifts you’re including before getting one.

tailgate raffle basket ideas

The next factor to consider is quality. One of the advantages of giving a gift basket rather than using a gift box is that the container is also a major part of the gift. So you need to select a high-quality basket that won’t break after a few uses. We’ve found that quality handmade wicker baskets are unbeatable. 

With baskets, a good way to ensure quality is to purchase from a small business that sells handmade baskets. Unlike mass-produced baskets, these are designed to last. And especially if you go for a wicker basket, they’re also environmentally friendly. 

tailgating gift basket ideas

There are also so many different baskets to choose from, from smaller heart-shaped baskets to customizable corner baskets. Because this is the longest-lasting part of the gift, be sure to choose your basket carefully. 

 tailgating raffle basket ideas

Essential Tailgating Essentials to Include

The first stop for tailgating gift essentials is snacks. A lot of tailgating includes a barbecue, and you need something to nibble on while your food is on the grill. 

Something that you might not think of immediately is a first aid kit, and don’t forget to include bug spray and sunscreen. These kinds of gifts are also great car basket ideas

Also at the top of the list for tailgating essentials are napkins, paper towels, and wet wipes. Yes, you really do need all three. Tailgating parties are messy, and you’ll be grateful to have things to wipe up spills and clean off hands. 

tailgate baskets ideas

Unique Items to Add for Extra Fun

Tailgating is a cultural phenomenon, and you can reflect this cultural element in the gifts inside the basket. If your local team is associated with a specific brand of snacks or one of the players has a sponsorship, including these in the basket is a fun nod to the context you are in.

This logic is also a great idea for Airbnb welcome baskets because you want the basket to give a sense of your town or community.

Because tailgating is all about celebrating your team, themed napkins with their favorite team on them are an absolute winner. There are so many themed items out there - you can even get ice trays with team logos.

And, for a spicy twist, you could mix it up and get items, like cups and plates, with the other team’s logo on them. This is particularly funny if you and your friend support different teams. Of course, only do this if you know your friend will be a good sport about it. 

 tailgating gift basket

Why Amish Baskets Are Perfect for Tailgating Parties

Tailgating is a celebration of American culture and interests, so it’s appropriate to choose an Amish basket for your tailgating basket. Not only are the Amish a unique part of American history, but their baskets are also a celebration of tradition.

Amish basket-making techniques have been handed down for generations, just like tailgating traditions. You might remember going to tailgating parties with your parents when you were younger, and Amish children will remember being taught to weave baskets. 

tailgate raffle basket

Using Amish baskets, like this big Easter basket, is a celebration of American-made goods, that are made using authentic practices. Our experience shows that not only are you getting an exceptionally well-made basket, but you are also supporting small Amish communities. This also makes Amish baskets a great choice for other gifts, like an idea for guest room baskets. And, when it comes to quality, we’ve determined that these are the gold standard.  


There are so many great options for tailgating basket ideas. It’s also a versatile gift in that you can spend as much or as little as you like and still produce a wonderful gift. 

Never underestimate the value of a practical gift, especially when it comes to handmade Amish baskets.

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