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Participating in the Amish Baskets’ Influencer program lets you do what you love while you help the Amish families do what they love.

We are always excited to partner with home enthusiasts, gardening enthusiasts, and food bloggers to spread the word about the beautiful baskets that the Amish have been creating for generations.

Why become an influencer?
You’ll join a team of like-minded people who admire and help support the old-world craftsmanship and plain living practiced by the Amish.

Earn bonuses, including free products, discount codes, sales commissions, and product sneak peeks, by showcasing the heartwarming baskets crafted by the Amish families through your social media posts or sharing our content.

How Does it Work?

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  2. Login or create an account to submit your application.
  3. We will review it, and if you’re accepted, we will notify you.
  4. Once added to the program, you will be notified of campaign opportunities via your account dashboard or email.

You could be up and running in as little as 24 hours.

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