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christian easter basket ideas

Christian Easter Basket Ideas

Easter baskets have become a very popular tradition, filled with all sorts of treats and gifts. However, for religious families, it’s important to make sure that your Easter basket is filled with things that remind us that Christ is at the heart of Easter.

When it comes to Christian Easter basket ideas, there are many fantastic options for religious gifts that people of all ages will love. We’ll go over the best picks for all ages as well as some ideas for younger children.  

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Easter Basket Ideas for All Ages

When it comes to choosing gifts, we think it’s a good idea to consider reusable Easter basket ideas to minimize waste. That starts with choosing the right basket. You want a high-quality wicker basket that can be used to hold the gift and then repurposed. 

religious easter basket ideas

And there are no better baskets than handmade baskets made by Amish Baskets. After holding your Easter gift, the basket can become a garden basket or a bathroom storage basket. But what should go inside a religious Easter basket? Here are our suggestions. 

religious easter basket idea


A special Bible is a wonderful Christian Easter basket idea that the recipient will treasure. It’s also very customizable, with simplified picture Bibles designed for young children and many other specific designs.

While most Christians will already have a Bible, there are lots of themed Bibles that make excellent gifts. There are Bibles designed for different stages of life, and we recommend Bibles that help to deepen your understanding of the Word. 

One of the best Easter basket ideas for older kids is a Bible that has a journaling aspect. This allows the child to not just read their Bible but also have a dedicated space for reflection about what they read. 


A devotional is an incredibly thoughtful Easter basket gift idea, especially because you can choose one specifically for boys, girls, teenagers, men, or women. Our experience reveals that a devotional is one of the best Easter basket ideas for your girlfriend

religious easter baskets ideas

The many types of devotionals reflect the different spiritual journeys we are on and the spiritual needs we have at various points. This is a religious Easter basket idea that can have a huge impact on someone’s spiritual growth. When choosing your basket, you can also highlight the theme of love by choosing a heart-shaped wicker basket

Christian Fiction Books

Something to think about is how to bring Christ into someone’s everyday life outside of time devoted to spiritual activities. And Christian fiction books are the perfect way to do this. There is a huge selection of books with strong Christian themes and values.

Encouraging people to read is a huge achievement, and including religious ideals in that process makes it even better. Christian books are brilliant, whether you are looking for Easter basket ideas for tween boys or beach Easter basket ideas. After all, who doesn’t love laying on the beach with a good book?

Christian Bookmark

As Christians, it’s important to surround ourselves with small reminders of our faith to keep it present in our lives and all the things we do. That’s what makes Christian bookmarks such a great idea. 

Having a bookmark with a Biblical quote on it can be an excellent way of keeping that quote at the forefront of your mind, whether you are reading a religious book or not. There are plenty of beautifully designed bookmarks, so you can find something to fit any style you want. 

For younger kids, bookmarks with distinctive pictures from Biblical stories are a great way to help instill the lessons that the Bible teaches us. For example, an image of Jonah and the whale or Jesus feeding the 5000 can make the story more concrete for children. 

christian easter basket idea

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Religious Toys

When it comes to Easter basket ideas for boys, toys are a great place to start. Children learn through play, so it’s important that their toybox contains toys to help encourage spirituality. Rather than action figures from the latest movie, why not get iconic characters from Bible stories instead? 

Another non-candy Easter basket idea is a stuffed lamb, representing both how Jesus died for our sins and how the Lord is our shepherd. 

Christian Play Sets

When it comes to children’s toys, it’s important not to ignore the wealth of Christian toys that are available. There’s no reason that playtime can’t also be a chance for children to learn about their religion. 

One brilliant example is a set of magnets depicting the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This creates a more interactive way for children to engage with the story of Easter through play. 

Another age-specific playset is a puzzle. Again, you can get puzzles depicting many Christian stories, including the Easter story. This is a great way to teach both religious values and important cognitive skills to young children. A more complex puzzle is a perfect Easter basket idea for college students.

DIY Easter Basket Stuffers

Decorate A Cross

This is a fun DIY project where you take a cardboard or wooden precut cross and then decorate it. Two possible ideas would be matchsticks or a mosaic. 

easter basket ideas religious

If you’re doing this, you’ll need to make sure that you have a large Easter basket to fit all of your supplies. This works for all ages, but we’ve found that crafts are a particularly popular Easter basket idea for teen girls

Painted Eggs

This is an absolute classic when it comes to Easter baskets, and painting eggs is a very fun activity for you to do with your family. Using real eggs instead of a million chocolate eggs can be a great idea for a healthy Easter basket

Part of Easter is about coming together as a family to celebrate how Jesus died for our sins, and an activity like this is a perfect opportunity for your family to have fun, bond, and honor Christ.  


When it comes to Christian Easter basket ideas, we are confident that this list will help you choose the best gifts. And, by choosing a handmade wicker basket from Amish Baskets, you’re getting a piece of quality craftsmanship while also supporting fellow Christians. 

Easter is about coming together as a community of faith, honoring Jesus, who died for our sins, and celebrating his resurrection. It’s important to stay true to the Christian values of Easter without getting caught up in chocolate and consumerism.

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