Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed! If you’re not totally satisfied with anything you receive, you can return it for an exchange or refund at any time.

You can return items to us at:
Amish Baskets
5833 118th Ave
Ottumwa, IA 52501

If you would like a refund for any basket... Simply put a note in your box to let us know to refund you for the basket.

If you would like to exchange your basket... The easiest way to make an exchange is to simply place your order for your replacement online now and then just put a note in the basket you are sending back stating that you would like refunded for the returned basket.

We understand that there can be rare instances when a basket or baskets that the Amish family custom made to your specific dimensions may not fit the need that you had intended. You are welcome to return custom sized baskets and we will refund you for the basket or baskets less any shipping costs that were incurred when the order was shipped to you.


We do not have any additional "sales" or "deals" during any major holiday that you need to watch for or wait for. The baskets are currently as low as they will ever be before any holiday including Christmas.

In Fact, It Is The Opposite Because... During each holiday many of our most popular baskets sell out at their regular sale prices and delivery of sold-out baskets before that holiday becomes impossible.*

Taking into consideration the hours required to craft each basket, there is a very limited number of baskets that can be finished before any major holiday. For example, each year the families start crafting baskets for the Christmas season during the summer and fall. When the baskets they have crafted ahead of time are sold out, it will be very difficult to get many additional baskets ready for Christmas delivery.

It is always a good idea to get the hand-crafted baskets you need for holiday gift-giving ordered as early as possible to guarantee delivery. Rest assured there will not be any lower prices offered on our baskets during any holiday gift-buying season.

*Note: To assure prompt delivery of your order you can always check the real-time availability of any basket by looking on the website right above the "CHOOSE A TRIM COLOR" box on each basket’s description page.

While we do get asked the "wholesale" question several times a week, and we truly wish there was a way to offer larger discounts for large quantities... But, because each basket is handcrafted, one at a time, the amount of time it takes to produce each basket stays the same no matter what the quantity being woven.

No. In keeping with the honest traditional values of the Amish, the families here in our community believe in offering their work at a fair and equitable price to all customers at all times. Overcharging some customers for their work just to offer other customers a lower or "special" price simply because they have some sort of secret coupon code is not something they would deem as proper. If they can sell their products for a lower price they will, and in fact, they do...

All website customers receive 20% off any of the Amish family’s regular selection of baskets* year-round when they purchase baskets on the website. This savings is shown on the website at all times and is a result of each Amish family's lower cost of shipping baskets vs. the need to build, support, and have family members staff a retail store location.

*You will find the 20% savings displayed on each family’s regular selection of baskets that are shown on the website. The only baskets excluded from the discount are "Special Order" and the "Custom Sized" baskets since they are not part of each family’s regularly available selection of baskets.


Our standard "Free Expedited Shipping" takes 5 - 7 weekdays for delivery. Of course the number of days for delivery does not include the day your order is shipped or any weekends or holidays. Note that the 5-7 days for delivery applies to all our regular selection of baskets that are in the shipping barn and ready to ship*. "Special Order" or "Custom Made" baskets do take an additional 2-3 weeks before they are ready to be shipped.

*You can always check the real-time availability of baskets that are in the shipping barn and ready to ship by looking on the website right above the "CHOOSE A TRIM COLOR" box on each basket’s description page.

Yes. We do offer a "Rush Delivery" option to get delivery in 2 - 4 weekdays (not including the day your order is shipped or any weekends or holidays). You will see the Rush Delivery option available during checkout where you can select the $8.95 "Rush Shipping" option. Please note that Rush Delivery orders cannot be delivered to PO Boxes and the 2-4 days for delivery applies to all our regular selection of baskets that are in the shipping barn and ready to ship* "Special Order" or "Custom Made" baskets do take an additional 3-4 weeks before they are ready to be shipped.

More Questions

Our family simply operates the online marketplace for the finished baskets from the three families who are crafting the baskets.

We are not Amish ourselves. Our family has simply been friends with the Amish in the community for over 30 years. We started doing this for them when it was becoming obvious over the last several years that their tradition of basket weaving, that has been handed down in their families from generation to generation was beginning to look like it may become a lost art because of the need for more demand for their finished baskets which would allow the families to subsidize themselves with their craft.

That is why we started and operate the website.

You can read more about each of the Amish families in our local Old-Order community who craft the baskets shown on this website Here.

Our Amish community is located on the border between Iowa and Missouri. The Amish families who weave the baskets that are sold on the website weaved their baskets in the Ohio area originally but have relocated here in our Midwestern community over the past couple of generations. Click Here to read more about the families who weave the baskets.

We ship out of a central shipping barn. The Amish families try to keep at least a few of each of their regular selection of baskets woven and in the shipping barn, so they can be shipped out right away to their customers who order baskets. Everything is shipped from here in our shipping barn, so we do not have a retail storefront.

Yes, of course! On your shopping cart page as you check out you will see a text box labeled "Order Notes or Gift Message". Anything you type in that box will be included in the shipping box as a personal message from you.

Also note that since a large number of our orders are sent as gifts, we never put any type of invoice or pricing in any of the boxes we ship. (All receipts and shipping information is emailed directly to you only.)

The Amish families here in the community all use the one stain color.

Although, we do have a few customers (and especially many interior-design firms) that purchase their baskets "unfinished". This way you get the raw wood and you can stain the baskets with a Minwax® stain in your choice of stain color.

We have a sheet of directions and some sample material we send out with any unfinished baskets when they are shipped. This information walks you through staining the baskets and lets you test your stain on actual basket material before starting to stain your own baskets.

For additional information on staining a basket, here is a link to a very nice lady we found on Youtube doing a video about staining a similar style of basket Here.

If you do choose to have your baskets sent unfinished, simply write in the message area on your shopping cart to "Please send these baskets unfinished". Keep in mind that it takes about 2-3 weeks to get baskets custom made with no finish.