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best sewing basket

Best Sewing Basket

A sewing basket is so much more than just a container for haberdashery items. It’s a vessel for the tools you use for your labors of love. It helps you produce the handmade creations you present as gifts to family and friends and, of course, the crafts you make for your home.   

But how can you know you’re purchasing the best sewing basket? Which features should you be looking out for? We examined the top features any high-quality sewing basket should have. And we discovered why the Amish, with their long history of a sewing culture, make the best sewing baskets.  

What this article covers:

What Is a Sewing Basket?

A sewing basket is a basket that is used to house sewing tools like bobbins and spools of thread, needles, and thimbles. Any materials used for sewing or mending clothes or other fabric items can be stored in a sewing basket. 

best sewing baskets

Types of Sewing Baskets

There are different types of sewing baskets. Some are larger and designed to house other needlecraft essentials too, like knitting and crochet items or wool. Some are smaller and meant only for small darning tasks. And of course, sewing baskets come in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

The Best Sewing Basket Features to Look Out for

No matter the scope of your sewing projects, there are some features that any good sewing basket should have to be truly multifunctional and user-friendly.

Non-Toxic Materials

Don’t let your love of needlepoint supersede your love of the planet. A good sewing basket should be made of non-toxic, preferably natural, materials. Wood is always an excellent choice.

Durable Handles

With regular use, sewing baskets’ handles can look a little worse for wear. That’s why your sewing basket must have durable handles or straps. Wood or genuine leather is a strong and long-lasting option.

sewing baskets

Multiple Compartments

Multiple compartments for smaller items mean the difference between a messy jumble of needles and pins and an orderly sewing basket. This is where a sewing basket with drawers is a real treasure.

Removable Trays or Storage Tray

A removable tray makes it possible not only to store as many items as possible neatly but also to make their retrieval easier. If it doesn’t have a removable tray, a removable drawer that serves as a tray will do nicely, too.

Ergonomic Handle

An ergonomic handle makes a world of difference in your comfort when handling your sewing basket. It allows a better grip without putting strain on your hand or fingers.

Magnetic or Snap Closure (or Hinged Lid)

Magnetic closures and snap fastenings also add to your comfort when using your sewing basket. But their main benefit is that the basket will open and close faster. Of course, a hinged lid does the trick just as well.

Collapsible Handle

It helps if your sewing basket is designed for convenient storage when not in use. A collapsible handle makes storage of your sewing basket a breeze, as there’s no protrusion getting in the way or handles that fold in.

sewing basket

Amish Sewing Culture

The Amish have a rich sewing culture. They make all their own clothes, soft furnishings, and bed linens. Local seamstresses even make their bridal gowns. But one of the sewing creations that the Amish women are best known for is the famous Amish quilt.

Women all over North America and beyond have fallen in love with its charming simplicity. It's both practical and beautiful, and it was stitched by hand with great care and dedication. 

And when those Amish ladies get together to sew their clothes and quilts, what are they storing their sewing essentials in? Their very own sewing basket, of course! Because they aren’t just known for their sewing skills. They’re also expert basket weavers of note.

Why Do the Amish Make the Best Sewing Basket?

Using the wicker weaving method, and high-quality natural wood and rattan materials, the Amish make what can only be described as the best sewing basket. And there are several vintage sewing basket styles to choose from. 

the best sewing basket

From sewing boxes with removable drawers or hinged lids to carrying baskets with comfortable fold-down wooden handles or leather straps. And everything in between. 

A traditional Amish sewing basket is gorgeous with an appealing vintage look, but it’s not what makes it the best. The Amish sewing basket is all made of natural materials and is therefore eco-friendly. It has all the user-friendly features that a good sewing basket should have. Best of all, it's sustainably produced.

But there’s one more reason why the Amish are known for making the best sewing baskets. It’s their high regard for quality craftsmanship. 

Unlike the cheaply made, mass-produced sewing baskets on the market, these baskets are durable and expertly crafted by hand. Time-honored methods of weaving are used to produce authentic items that will stand the test of time. The Amish work ethic means they prize turning out quality work over profits.

That’s why their handwoven baskets are becoming increasingly popular for all sorts of celebrations. So if you’ve been wondering how to make a wedding gift basket or how to make a flower girl basket for your daughter’s upcoming wedding, you’re in the right place.

Amish Baskets - Traditional Baskets For Modern Needs

The Amish have been weaving baskets for centuries, but don’t think for a minute that their wares are outdated. Far from it. A look through the Amish basket's selection of products will astound you with how well they’ve combined ancient customs with modern necessities.

You’ll find baskets to meet your every need, perfect for breathing life into all your bathroom basket ideas and even your garden gift basket ideas

basket of sewing

Invest in some of our egg baskets or even some empty Easter baskets. They’re not just meant for Easter eggs! Let your imagination run wild and use it in inventive ways. Even your May Day basket ideas will come to life with the authentic rattan baskets that the women of the Amish community produce.

Why Sewing Should Be Your Next Hobby

We believe sewing should be your next hobby because it brings joy, creativity, and relaxation. Sewing lets you express your style and create beautiful things. It's practical too—mend clothes, save money, and reduce waste. 

Our sewing baskets are functional and beautiful, keeping supplies organized. Made by skilled Amish artisans with quality materials, they stand the test of time. With attention to detail, we've become a leading authority. Explore our collection, start a new hobby, or enhance your sewing practice. Join us in embracing the art of sewing with Amish Baskets!


The women of the Old Order Amish community have a rich heritage of both hand-sewing and basket weaving. At first, this was purely practical—a means to provide their community members with the clothing, soft furnishings, and homewares they needed.

In time, these traditional crafts became iconic representations of Amish culture. The Amish are now renowned for their sewing and weaving skills. And their legendary skills are beautifully commemorated in the best sewing basket you can buy. Be sure to get your Amish sewing basket today.

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