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  • what to put in a housewarming basket

    What to Put in a Housewarming Basket

    If you've ever asked yourself, "What to put in a housewarming basket?", you're in the right place. Here at Amish Baskets, we believe the secret to a thoughtful and memorable housewarming gift isn't about flashy brands or trendy trinkets; it's...

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  • dog toy basket ideas

    Dog Toy Basket Ideas

    Just like your kids, your canine companions need their own space too. A designated spot for all their toys not only keeps your home tidy but also helps train your pets to know where their possessions are. But a functional...

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  • basket organization ideas

    Basket Organization Ideas

    Over time, baskets have evolved from mere storage tools to essential home décor pieces that tell a story of culture, tradition, and craftsmanship. As Amish Baskets, we've spent years exploring and appreciating the ways that organization intertwines with our daily...

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  • decorative basket filler ideas

    Decorative Basket Filler Ideas

    Natural wicker baskets have always been in style, and they complement all types of decor themes, from quaint farmhouses to beach house chic. And with these decorative basket filler ideas, your home will always be stylish, too. You just need...

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  • stair basket ideas

    Stair Basket Ideas

    Tired of carrying 15 different items up and down the stairs every day? We are too!  Stair baskets can help solve that by offering you a convenient way to store and carry items up and down the stairs.  We’ve done...

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  • basket wall decor ideas

    Basket Wall Decor Ideas

    Welcome to the world of authentic Amish crafts with Amish Baskets! Today, we're excited to explore the realm of basket wall decor ideas, one of the most understated yet impactful ways to transform your living spaces. These handcrafted pieces, made...

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  • hanging baskets ideas

    Hanging Basket Ideas

    Welcome to the wonderful world of hanging basket ideas! Have you ever marveled at the charming simplicity and practical beauty of Amish hanging baskets? Here at Amish Baskets, we certainly have. We've dedicated years to appreciating, researching, and sourcing the...

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  • basket decoration ideas

    Basket Decoration Ideas

    Welcome to a world filled with simple beauty and the authentic charm of Amish culture, where our basket decoration ideas take center stage.  Here at Amish Baskets, we understand the essence of these woven wonders, as we've been curating and...

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  • how to hang baskets on wall for storage

    How to Hang Baskets on a Wall for Storage

    Have you ever found yourself pondering over how to hang baskets on a wall for storage? You're not alone!  It's a common question and a fantastic idea! Hanging baskets can add a unique touch to your home décor and offer...

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