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  • amish baby formula

    Amish Baby Formula

    The Amish live simple lives, grow their food and are healthier than most Americans. You might not know this but they use Amish Baby Formula, a natural and organic solution that helps boost their babies' immune systems. This article looks...

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  • why amish have perfect hearing

    Why Do the Amish Have Perfect Hearing?

    The Amish are known to have excellent immunity to infections, and particularly good senses, especially good hearing. Is there any truth to these claims? They certainly do seem to have great all-around health. But why do the Amish have perfect...

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  • amish acid reflux remedy

    Amish Acid Reflux Remedy

    The Amish are well known for their high standard of health and natural remedies, and for good reason.  Many Amish communities don’t accept incorporating modern medicine into their daily healthcare unless necessary, which is one of the main reasons their...

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  • amish hearing loss ingredients

    Amish Hearing Loss Ingredients

    The Amish are known for their healthy lifestyle and longevity. The average lifespan of an Amish person is longer than their non-Amish counterpart.  But what’s their secret? Do they really have perfect hearing? Are there secret Amish hearing loss ingredients? ...

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  • are amish socialist

    Are the Amish Socialists?

    The Amish are a famously isolated group settled in North America, and their dedication to their faith and way of life has led to some common misconceptions when it comes to their beliefs.  Because they don’t subscribe to many of...

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  • do amish have id

    Do the Amish Have Identification

    The Amish community is one of the most recognizable and unique religious sects in the United States. They're known for their old-fashioned lifestyle and eschewing many modern conveniences, but do the Amish have identification? This is one question that’s dominated...

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  • do amish receive stimulus checks

    Do the Amish Receive Stimulus Checks?

    Stimulus checks are intended as a means of stimulating an economy that’s struggling because of external forces, and many American citizens got theirs in the mail during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Amish are known for staying true to their...

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  • do amish salute the flag

    Do Amish Stand for the National Anthem

    The Amish community and their religion always face many questions regarding their relationship and feelings towards government institutions.  Their separation from the modern world brings a lot of curiosity from outsiders and causes many misconceptions to form. Although the Amish...

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  • do amish vote for president

    Do the Amish Vote for President?

    The Amish live in isolation from modern society and its secular influences. They eschew the trappings of urban life, including the technology other citizens take for granted,  and they aren’t known for getting involved in current affairs or politics. But...

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