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The Amish families have created the perfect decor pieces to give your Holiday table decorating a one-of-a-kind look and feel. With their rustic colors and warm textures, Amish handmade baskets give your home a unique personality that is overflowing with love and will rekindle fond remembrances of deeply-rooted family traditions and days gone by.

Double Pie Basket w/Swinging Handles

If it’s your opportunity to supply the pies or desserts for the Thanksgiving feast or any other get-togethers, you can do it in style with this traditional Amish double pie basket. This Amish double pie carrier will protect one or two pies during your travels. This wooden handled basket comes complete with an interior pie shelf and a removable wooden lid.

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Serving & Coffee Table Tray

A beautifully set table makes any meal a special occasion. You and your guests are sure to fall in love with the rustic charm and functionality found in this decorative serving and coffee table tray. You can use this serving tray as a beautiful and versatile display piece for any occasion and in any room in your home. (Not designed for direct food use.)

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Large Farmhouse Table Centerpiece

Take your Thanksgiving table decorating to the next level with this extra-large dining room table centerpiece basket. From your dining room table to your fireplace mantle, this oversized centerpiece tray basket will inspire the most creative and unforgettable displays in your home all year round. This large centerpiece measures 27" in length and is 7" wide.

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Bread & Dinner Roll Basket

There is nothing more rewarding than the warm feelings of bringing your loved ones together for an unforgettable Thanksgiving meal and nothing exemplifies that feeling better than the warm bread you will share. This dinner-roll sized basket is a gorgeous way to serve anything from bread, biscuits, rolls, cornbread, nuts, chips, pretzels, and candy.

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Amish Made Napkin Basket

Set your table in style with this Amish handmade wicker napkin holder. This warm and inviting napkin basket will hold and display a convenient stack of napkins. You will also find hundreds of other possible uses for this handy sized basket from serving nuts, fruits, or snacks, to keeping small items organized and in one place in any room of your home.

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Extra Large Casserole Basket

Thanksgiving is all about sharing a festive meal with family and friends. Sharing your hot baked casserole dishes has never been easier or looked better than when you use this rustic and unique baking dish carrying basket. This extra-roomy basket is 11" wide and 17" long so it can be used with Pyrex® and other baking pans with molded-in handles.

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10" Diameter Lazy Susan

Feast in style and convenience when you include this wonderfully-warm Lazy Susan basket as part of your Thanksgiving table spread or on your kitchen counter. Keep condiments, snacks, fruits, or needed table utensils within easy reach for all your guests. With this basket’s rustic good looks, you can even use this rotating basket as a tabletop centerpiece.

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Amish Woven Wine Tote

If you’re tasked with bringing the wine or champagne selections to your Thanksgiving Dinner or other family gatherings or picnics, using this unique wicker carrier will steal the show. Whether you’re giving an unforgettable gift of wine or simply using this bottle carrier to tote the wine, this handcrafted basket is sure to be the focal point at any event.

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