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basket decoration ideas

Basket Decoration Ideas

Welcome to a world filled with simple beauty and the authentic charm of Amish culture, where our basket decoration ideas take center stage. 

Here at Amish Baskets, we understand the essence of these woven wonders, as we've been curating and delivering the finest Amish crafts and goods for years. From our experience, we know that a beautifully decorated basket not only adds a touch of rustic charm to your home but also infuses it with the peaceful spirit of Amish life.

Straight from the heart of Amish culture, we've handpicked these designs for their unique allure and home-enhancing appeal.

As we unravel these ideas, we'll dispel any misconceptions about the Amish that might be lingering in your mind. You'll see how our culture blends simplicity and creativity in the most harmonious ways. Let's get started and bring a little Amish magic into your homes!

What this article covers:

The Art of Basket Decoration: Amish Style

Welcome to the distinctive world of Amish-style basket decoration, where practicality marries creativity, leading to strikingly charming outcomes. Have you ever wondered how to organize with baskets or what sort of decorative basket filler ideas would resonate with Amish simplicity? Let us guide you through this journey.

1. The Amish Approach to Basket Decoration:

In the Amish community, it's widely believed that each item shouldn't only serve a practical purpose but also add beauty and charm to our surroundings.

2. How to Organize with Baskets:

Our approach is not just about crafting beautiful baskets but also about using them effectively. Take, for example, the stair storage basket. This clever innovation transforms an overlooked area into useful storage, keeping your home tidy while enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

basket decoration idea

3. Decorative Basket Filler Ideas:

To add character to these functional artworks, we employ a variety of decorative basket filler ideas. From dried lavender to hand-stitched doilies and polished river stones, our choice of fillers not only pleases the eye but tells a story of our connection with nature and craftsmanship.

4. Wall Basket Decor Ideas:

Lastly, let's explore our wall basket decor ideas that offer a fresh take on traditional wall decorations. Imagine a beautifully hand-woven Amish basket adorning your wall. Whether utilized for storage or purely for its rustic charm, a wall basket adds depth, texture, and authenticity to any room.

By embracing these ideas, you'll learn that Amish-style basket decoration is a fusion of functionality, storytelling, and embedding every corner of your home with the simple yet rich essence of Amish culture.

Top 10 Basket Decoration Ideas from Amish Baskets

1. The Bathroom Wicker Storage Basket

First on our list is the multifunctional Bathroom Wicker Storage Basket. Ideal for storing toiletries, towels, or cosmetics, these baskets add a touch of natural beauty to your bathroom decor while keeping your essentials organized.

basket decor ideas

2. The Classic Harvest Basket

Nothing speaks Amish culture louder than our Classic Harvest Basket. A testament to our farming heritage, this basket isn’t only a wonderful decorative item but also serves as a beautiful reminder of our roots in agriculture.

 how to decorate a wicker basket

3. The Toilet Paper Basket

Our elegantly crafted Toilet Paper Basket isn’t just practical; it's also a tasteful addition to any bathroom. Stowing away your rolls in style, this basket is an exemplar of how everyday items can be transformed into works of art.

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4. The Large White Easter Basket

Easter won't be the same with our Large White Easter Basket. With its clean lines and pristine color, it serves as the perfect backdrop for vibrant Easter eggs or a bounty of springtime flowers, making your celebrations more memorable.

 basket decorating ideas

5. The Amish Country Picnic Basket

Nothing beats the charm of our Amish Country Picnic Basket. Not only does it carry your picnic treats in style, but it also doubles as a lovely centerpiece for outdoor tables when not in use.

 decorating ideas with wicker baskets

6. Decorative Hanging File Folders

In the office or home study, our Decorative Hanging File Folders stored in a beautiful Amish basket not only help you keep documents organized but also add a rustic touch to your workspace.

 basket decor ideas for living room

7. The Wicker Christmas Tree Basket

Our Wicker Christmas Tree Basket is a must-have for the holiday season. It serves as a unique tree stand that adds a warm, rustic touch to your holiday decor, making it a striking alternative to the traditional Christmas tree skirt.

 basket decor idea

8. The Antique Laundry Basket

A nod to simpler times, our vintage wicker laundry basket offers a stylish solution for keeping your laundry in one place. Its classic design can seamlessly blend into any decor style.

 decorate a wicker basket

9. The Wicker Bike Basket

For lovers of outdoor activities, our Wicker Bike Basket is an essential accessory. It's not just practical for carrying items but also adds a charming vintage touch to your bicycle.

 wooden basket decoration idea

10. The Heart-Shaped Basket

Finally, our heart-shaped wicker basket is a reflection of Amish artistic sensibilities. Intricately designed and handcrafted, it's perfect for holding knick-knacks or standing alone as a decorative piece.

Each of these basket decoration ideas is steeped in Amish traditions yet versatile enough to blend into a variety of decor styles. From our experience, we know they'll be delightful additions to your home.

basket decorating idea

How to Care for Your Amish Basket

Taking care of your Amish baskets is a rewarding process that ensures their beauty and functionality endure over time, but it does require some attention and careful handling. Here are a few tips on how to keep your baskets in top shape:

1. Routine Cleaning

Start by removing any accumulated dust using a soft, dry cloth. It's a good practice to clean your baskets regularly to keep them looking their best. Avoid using harsh detergents or chemicals that could potentially damage the natural materials.

2. Proper Storage

Store your baskets in a dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration. If you aren’t using the basket, keep it empty to maintain its shape.

3. Creative Display

To prolong the life of your basket while also showcasing its charm, consider how to arrange baskets on a wall. Not only does this keep the basket off damp surfaces, but it also makes for an attractive wall feature. Hanging basket ideas can range from using them as unique wall planters to stylish holders for small items.

 wicker basket decorating ideas

4. Handling Moisture

Amish baskets are made with natural materials that can absorb moisture. If the basket gets wet, make sure to dry it thoroughly. A quick tip: place it upside down in an airy place to let it dry out completely.

5. Repairs

Minor wear and tear are part of the basket's life journey. For small repairs, use clear adhesive or small wire to secure loose ends. If the damage is substantial, consider getting help from an expert.

Caring for your Amish basket is more than just preservation—it's a way of cherishing the story, craftsmanship, and tradition that each piece carries. 


Infusing your home with the charm of Amish-style baskets is not only about enhancing your decor but also about embracing a culture that values simplicity, functionality, and meticulous craftsmanship. Whether you're organizing, decorating, or storing, our baskets from Amish Baskets add a touch of rustic elegance to your space. 

So why wait? Visit our website today and discover a world of beauty, tradition, and practicality with our carefully curated collection of Amish baskets. Your journey to an Amish-inspired home begins here! 

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