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what is a wicker basket

What Is a Wicker Basket?

Wicker baskets are a common item in many Amish families, as they can be used for a wide variety of reasons.  

But what is a wicker basket? And why is it so popular among Amish folk? 

Let’s dive into what these baskets have to offer.    

What this article covers: 

What Is Wicker?

Considered a classic weaving material, wicker may be used to make a wide variety of long-lasting home furnishings for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Ancient Egypt was the first civilization to use pliable plants like rattan and marsh grasses.

what are wicker baskets made of

If you’re wondering, “What are baskets made of now?”, people use different plants like seagrass, water hyacinth, and maize husk to create natural wicker items, 

One of the most popular materials for both indoor and outdoor decor, wicker has a pleasing natural color palette and provides a variety of color tones, from simple sun-inspired decor to ocean breezes.

Additionally, wicker has seen extensive use in a variety of home-related products. 

The bedroom, kitchen, living room, patios, and other outdoor rooms all include popular items like some of the best bicycle baskets used by the Amish. 

How Are Wicker Baskets Made? 

Under-and-over weaving is the method used to make baskets the most frequently.

Contrarily, double weaving uses two weavers simultaneously and has the same structure as under-and-over weaving. It’s useful for weaving on large surfaces and weaving baskets with bands or patterns in the same or different colors.

what is wicker basket

With an even or odd number of spokes, pairing is a weaving technique in which two weavers begin behind two subsequent spokes and weave across them. 

What Can You Use Wicker Baskets for?

One of the best things about wicker baskets is their endless utility! There are so many ways to use them, and they make just about every room in your home look better. Here are a couple of our favorite uses for wicker baskets! 

Plant Storage

Plants of all sizes look wonderful when placed in exquisite wicker baskets. 

In fact, one of our favorite uses for wicker baskets is as a hanging planter. 

In our experience, they look exquisite both inside and out. 

Keep in mind that if you choose to house real plants, a wicker basket is porous, so water and soil will leak out.

The Amish love placing wicker baskets filled with beautiful plants around their homes, creating a welcoming environment for their fellow Amish neighbors.

And don’t worry. If you do end up with a spill or stain, the Amish have proven methods on how to clean wicker baskets!

The Laundry

The Amish rather famously use wicker baskets as washing baskets, making them immensely popular. 

definition of wicker basket

People enjoy them for both their sophisticated and exquisite design and their casual applications. 

While plastic baskets are gaining popularity in non-Amish regions, the Amish prefer using wicker baskets since they’re simple to create and much better for the environment.


Wicker baskets have remained remarkably common and useful over the years in one additional area. 

They’re frequently used as storage containers for the fruits, vegetables, and other items we typically keep in our pantries and kitchens. 

They’re excellent for keeping the contents fresh because they are lightweight and also allow air to move through. 

Wicker baskets' adaptability is partly a result of the variety of sizes and shapes they can assume. 

From being the best dog bike baskets to being used as a storage unit, these baskets are extremely versatile.

Due to the weaving technique used, all of those wicker trays, containers, planters, and boxes are possible. 

This also holds true for wicker baskets, which explains why there are so many diverse styles available.

The Amish also use these baskets as grocery bags when returning from the local farmers' stall or market. 


Wicker baskets have also influenced many intriguing designs. 

what is wicker basket made of

There are pendant lamps and lampshades that resemble them, for instance. 

The actual baskets themselves can be transformed into home decor items and accessories.

The best containers for storing and organizing little objects on open shelves are woven baskets and boxes. These corner baskets and heart-shaped baskets are welcome additions in many Amish homes. They’re ideal for keeping your kitchen utensils and cleaning supplies neatly arranged.

They can even be used to arrange and store accessories like gloves, scarves, watches, belts, and other items that might normally be left lying around or put in drawers.

 what makes a basket wicker

Why Are the Amish Such Expert Basket-Makers?

Since each Amish family member pays close attention to every basket they weave, Amish women can produce high-quality woven wicker baskets. 

Amish moms and wives generally make their baskets, which they sell at local markets to support their community's straightforward and religious way of life.

Each Amish family has been carrying on a heritage of producing these high-quality woven baskets for more than a century, using considerable skill, patience, and workmanship.

The Amish wicker baskets are guaranteed to give you enduring beauty, value, and utility thanks to a special blend of high-quality timber components and expert hand weaving.


Amish wicker baskets serve many purposes in the community, and they can be found at almost every farmer's market in Amish towns.

Through our practical knowledge, mothers, daughters, and wives have shown a passion when creating these baskets, and they’re proud of their creations. 

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