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do amish celebrate christmas

Do the Amish Celebrate Christmas?

The Amish are one of the most interesting and unique religious communities in the world. While they’re often associated with certain traditional practices, such as horse-and-buggy transportation and handcrafted furniture, their customs also extend to Amish holidays like Christmas and Amish Valentines.

So, do the Amish celebrate Christmas? This article has the answer to this question and provides further details about how the Amish observe Christmas.

What this article covers:

Do the Amish Celebrate the Birth of Jesus?

do the amish celebrate christmas

Just like the Amish celebrate Easter, they celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Amish view Christmas as a day to pay homage to Jesus and his teachings. They often attend a church service on Christmas day and spend the holiday exchanging gifts and reminiscing about Jesus’s birth.

To them, Christmas is a time for faith, family, and forgiveness. It’s a time to remember the core teachings of Jesus and reflect on how those lessons can be applied in their day-to-day lives.

How do the Amish Celebrate Christmas? 

Just like they observe the Amish country memorial day, the Amish celebrate Christmas in a unique way. They don’t use decorations like trees or lights, as they see these objects as distractions from the true meaning of Christmas. This community believes in modest living, and this is why you’ll find simple things like harvest baskets, hanging file baskets, and Easter baskets in their homes.

amish christmas 2022

Below are a few ways the Amish celebrate Christmas:

Spending Time with Family 

Family is arguably the most integral aspect of Amish culture. It's the basic unit of society. They believe that spending time with family is important for spiritual growth and renewal, so Christmas day is devoted to strengthening family ties and traditions. This often includes gathering together for a meal or engaging in activities like caroling.

Gift Giving 

The Amish practice gift-giving at Christmas time. Although the presents are typically more practical than extravagant, they still symbolize love and appreciation for one another. For example, an Amish family might give each other items such as kitchen utensils or clothing instead of electronics or jewelry.

amish old christmas

Amish gifts for Christmas are also typically handcrafted and often made by the giver. This is a great way to show love for those in your community and practice skills like woodworking or sewing. Amish children get Amish faceless dolls from their parents as a sign of love. These dolls are made faceless for a reason. It teaches children that all people are equal and important regardless of their outward appearance.

amish celebrate christmas

Christmas Dinner

Another important part of Amish Christmas is the meal that takes place during the day. Many families will prepare a special meal together, often consisting of traditional dishes like roast beef or pork and mashed potatoes. This is also an opportunity for extended family to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

These dinners are often huge, with dozens of families coming together to celebrate. The food is served family-style, and Amish dishes are known for their flavor and freshness.

During the meal, stories are often shared and the group discusses what they’re thankful for. This is a great way to start conversations, build relationships, and most importantly, pass on Amish values from generation to generation.

Christmas Program in Amish Schools

Amish schools often have a Christmas program for the students. This is usually a play or musical production about the birth of Jesus, with music and costumes to add to the festive atmosphere.

The programs are also educational in nature, teaching important values such as kindness and respect. Afterwards, Amish children will sometimes exchange gifts with their classmates before returning home to spend time with their families.

when is amish christmas

These program are a great way for the Amish to celebrate Christmas. They’re an opportunity for them to come together, have fun and share stories about Jesus’s birth in an environment that’s rooted in their values.

Exchanging Christmas Cards

The Amish make Christmas cards by hand, typically featuring a biblical scene, such as the shepherds in the field or Jesus being born. These cards are exchanged among family and friends on Christmas day. It’s a great way to share heartfelt messages of love and faith with those you care about.

Baking Cookies & Candies

Many Amish families spend time baking treats like cookies and candies during Christmas. This is a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday, and it’s also an opportunity for family members to come together and share stories while they work.

do the amish people celebrate christmas

The treats are then gifted to neighbors or given as part of Christmas baskets. They can also be used for parties or special events. This is a great way to spread joy and goodwill during the holiday season.

What Do Amish Do a Day After Christmas

While modern society celebrates boxing day the day after Christmas, Amish have something different in store. They celebrate what’s known as “Second Christmas”. The Amish gather with family and friends on this day to share food, fellowship, and exchange gifts.

Second Christmas is a time for people to relax after all of the planning and hard work that goes into preparing for the holiday season. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on what has been accomplished over the past year and look ahead to what’s coming in the new year.

How Does Amish Christmas Differ from Mainstream Christmas?

There are many ways in which Amish Christmas differs from the mainstream celebration of Christmas. There are no Christmas trees, electric lights, or Santa Claus in Amish homes. Instead, they focus on the religious aspects of Christmas and spend time with family and friends.

how do the amish celebrate christmas

They also don’t exchange presents that are flashy or materialistic. The gifts given to loved ones are typically handmade items such as quilts or dolls, which reflects the importance of craftsmanship and tradition.

Overall, Amish Christmas is a time to celebrate God’s love and the birth of Jesus Christ with friends and family. It’s an opportunity to come together, share stories, and exchange heartfelt gifts. There are no materialistic items or flashy decorations - just fellowship and good times.

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