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do the amish work on good friday

Do the Amish Work on Good Friday?

The Amish are a conservative Christian community that shares the same faith and principles as most other Christian protestants. So how they approach high days and holidays on the religious calendar may be a little different.  Do the Amish work on Good Friday, and how do they celebrate Easter?

Join us as we explore the Amish view of these and related holidays. Amish people have a very different approach than outsiders to many things. But you may find that, when it comes to religious holidays, there are more similarities than you realized. 

What this article covers:

How Do the Amish Celebrate Easter?

do the amish work on good friday

To understand what the Amish view of Good Friday is, we need to look at their beliefs about Easter. The Amish believe in Easter. As followers of Christ, they believe in all high days associated with His life and death. 

The Amish even make their own adorable wicker Easter baskets for their children to collect Easter eggs in. And these beautiful handmade creations can be bought here at Amish Baskets to treat your children and grandchildren at Easter time. 

How Do the Amish Celebrate Good Friday?

Because they believe in Easter and all it represents, the Amish do observe Good Friday. Therefore, they don’t work on that day. They’ll attend church services in their communities, and spend time with their families. 

Most Amish people work inside their communities, but a few of them work outside them. Those that do, will take the day off on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Another no-work Amish holiday is Ascension Day

do amish people work on good friday

Which Days Do Amish People Not Take off Work?

The Amish are prepared to work on days that non-Amish employees want off, such as Labor Day or Memorial Day. Thus their employers are happy to let Amish employees take their days off on religious holidays.  

While it isn’t expressly forbidden for the Amish to celebrate Labor Day, they generally don’t do so. That’s why Amish people usually work on that day if required to do so by their employer.

What About Other Mainstream Holidays? 


So, which other mainstream holidays are important to the Amish? Christmas, of course! Yes, the Amish celebrate Christmas. Although they focus more on the spiritual aspects than the commercialized ones. That said, they are happy to give and receive small gifts. 

If you’re wondering what to get your Amish friends for Christmas, just remember to give gifts that are thoughtful, yet practical. Technology is a no-no, but items like books and hobby kits will always be appreciated. 

do amish work on good fridays


The manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles, as represented by the Magi’s visit to the infant Jesus, is celebrated on Epiphany. You may be unfamiliar with this holy day, but it’s like a second Christmas to the Amish and several other Christian communities worldwide. 

Amish Epiphany Day is celebrated on the 6th of January. 

Valentine’s Day

Stationery sets will always come in handy as gifts too, as the Amish don’t use mobile devices to text one another. Instead, they write letters. 

That pretty writing paper will be much appreciated on any Amish Valentines Day. Because it’s such a commercialized, secular holiday, not all Amish celebrate it. But some couples do, and a handwritten note is always popular.

do amish usually work on good fridays

Secular American Holidays 

Labor Day & Memorial Day

You may be surprised to learn that the Amish don’t celebrate Labor Day or Memorial day. The Amish could celebrate Labor Day if they chose to, but they mostly focus on religious holidays. 

However, there's no such thing as Amish Country Memorial Day because, as a day that represents the military, it conflicts with Amish pacifist principles. 

Likewise, you won’t find the Amish celebrating Halloween. While many Americans see it as harmless fun, Amish people believe that it glorifies the occult, which is unacceptable to them spiritually.


do the amish work on the good friday

Thanksgiving is a day that is just as important to the Amish as it is to the rest of America. This was originally a day of giving thanks for the blessings of the past year, especially a good harvest. 

The concept of giving thanks for a good crop has fallen away for most American households, but not in the Amish community. The Amish grow their own produce, and they are especially thankful when they have been blessed with a good crop. 


Good Friday is one of the most important days on the Christian calendar. And with seven in ten Americans identifying as Christian, this holy day is of great significance to them. The Amish share this belief, and hold it in as high esteem as all others who follow this faith. 

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