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Amish Foods

Amish Foods

Like most cultural groups, the Amish in America love to come together over a great meal. But few people are aware that they are known for producing their own delicious, nutritious, and traditional delights.

With their long history of animal farming and agriculture, the Amish community has developed a rich cultural cuisine all of their own. Join us on a short journey of discovery, as we examine the world of Amish foods. 

What this article covers:

Amish Cuisine

amish cuisine

Growing fresh produce, keeping farm animals for various culinary uses, and baking are all part of Amish daily life. And the cuisine speaks of hearth and home, with a selection of comfort foods that are filling and nutritious.

Filling Foods Meet the Needs of the People

Amish people work the land without most of the modern technology used by farmers today. They need wholesome and filling foods that are also laden with energy. Their Swiss-German traditional fare of loaves of bread, pies, potatoes, and noodles caters to this need very well.

On any given weekday, their farms and fields are bustling with activity by Amish speaking German and working the land with traditional tools. But according to Amish Sunday rules, no work is done on that day. Rather, it is set aside for church every second week, and as a rest day in between.

Traditional Recipes Handed Down Through The Generations

Milk, eggs, and other dairy products are also common features in Amish meals, which lend them a rich and creamy flavor. Amish women have passed their recipes down to each generation’s daughters. Any Amish home will contain recipe card boxes filled with handwritten notes on their family’s best recipes.

traditional amish food

Their dedication to family life, working for the community, and devotion to God and Amish law, are all part of the rules that they live by, and the same close-knit, secluded environment that causes some to mistakenly label the Amish a cult is precisely what has given them the room to hone and perfect their culinary mastery over centuries. 

Famous Amish Foods

One of the ways that Amish people stay connected to their roots, is through farming. It provides its communities with foods free from unhealthy additives. But it also provides a source of income for the community.

The Best of Farm Fresh Goodness

Because the Amish are primarily engaged in farming and agriculture, they have all the fresh, healthful ingredients they need to make delicious meals. Their farm-fresh cuts of meat, delicious pies and bakes, and selection of cheeses are legendary.

And their time-honored craft of basket weaving comes in useful here, too. Handed down from one generation to the next, this custom has been kept alive in Amish culture. Not only do they have beautiful rustic egg baskets and pie carrier baskets for their own needs, but they also make these baskets to sell. 

amish people food

The Amish baskets available from our site are the very same that the Amish use for their daily needs in the community. That’s what makes them so special - they are truly traditional and authentic, as well as highly practical! 

Baskets for Every Culinary Need

authentic amish food

You can purchase the same harvest basket design used by Amish to gather fresh produce (ideal for your trips to the local farmer’s market), and their traditional bread baskets and vintage bread boxes will house your home-baked bread in farmhouse chic.

famous amish food

These gorgeous handmade items are also an important source of income for the community. What a wonderful gift a hamper of preserves and cheeses, tucked into one of their handwoven baskets, would make. So be sure to order yours today! 

Is Amish Food Good?

Amish farmers usually raise livestock and slaughter their own animals for meat. The potatoes and vegetables that accompany these meats at the evening meal are also grown on their own lands. Many fruits are also grown to use in pies and delicious jams and jellies.

Amish Food Is Good for Health

The Amish don’t fill up on fast food, loaded with preservatives and other dubious additives. No, that’s not some sort of Amish punishment, they just believe that pure, healthy foods are best for the body and the spirit.

Old Order Amish beliefs focus on sustainable, time-honored methods of farming and agriculture. This is the main reason behind the good nutrition and taste of the different types of Amish and their foods. Not only are they good to eat, but they are also good for health.

The healthy balance of complex carbs and proteins also ensures that their diet is, for the most part, very healthy and nutritious. 

Amish Food Is Good to Eat

amish style food

The Amish have very healthy lifestyle habits in general. This may be one of the reasons why the Amish are known to stay healthy into their old age.

The Amish do use sugar. It’s a common ingredient in their meals, and not only the sweet treats. However, this sugar intake is balanced out by the fact that they don’t consume sugars in processed foods and sodas like non-Amish tend to do.

One of their famous bakes is something called a Shoofly pie - a scrumptious layered breakfast treat of gooey molasses, a cake-like center, and a crumb topping. So, don’t think for a minute that they are missing out on taste. 

The catering for feast days and celebratory get-togethers such as Amish weddings is anything but boring. Amish wedding foods usually include roast meats, potatoes, vegetables, and gravy. A popular wedding meal, Amish Chicken Roast, takes roast chicken to a whole new level with its delectable buttery stuffing.

Of course, let’s not forget the delicious desserts. Home-made sweet pies and cookies bursting with flavor. These ensure that every Amish wedding is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach!

traditional amish foods


Every cultural group has its unique traditional cuisine, and the Amish are no different. With their focus on sustainable living and traditional farming methods, you can be assured their foods are wholesome, healthy, and delicious.

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