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Amish Ascension Day

The Amish community is deeply religious that strives to follow biblical teachings. They practice simple living, with a unique culture and traditions. From horse-and-buggy transportation to their modest clothing, this community is known for setting itself apart from the rest of society. 

The Amish holiday calendar includes a wide range of special occasions, from harvest festivals and Amish country memorial day, to religious services and Amish epiphany day. One of the most important holidays for the Amish is Ascension Day. This holiday occurs 40 days after Easter and celebrates Jesus’ ascension into heaven. 

But how do the Amish celebrate this spiritual holiday? Do the Amish Christmas traditions of family gatherings and gift giving apply to Ascension Day? Read on to find out.

What this article covers:

What Is Ascension Day?

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Ascension Day is the day that marks Jesus' ascension into heaven. This holiday commemorates Jesus Christ’s ascension into heaven, according to Acts 1:9-11 in the Bible, which states, “And after he had said these things, he was taken up while they were watching, and a cloud took Him away from their sight.” It marks the completion of Christ's earthly ministry, which began with his baptism in the River Jordan and ended with his death and resurrection on Good Friday.

This is a time for Christians to reflect on the teachings of Jesus and baptism. It’s a time to celebrate the power of God and his everlasting love for mankind.

Do the Amish Celebrate Ascension Day?

Ascension day is one of the religious holidays the Amish share with the rest of Christian North America. However, like Amish Christmas and Amish Easter, they partake in unique ways.

The Amish celebrate Ascension Day on the 40th day after Easter Sunday. They recognize this religious holiday as a time for solemn reflection and prayer. In keeping with their beliefs, the Amish don’t exchange gifts or celebrate Ascension Day in any other way that would be considered overly festive or outwardly joyous.

Instead, some families gather together to pray and read passages from the Bible which pertain to Jesus' ascension. The Amish may also host a meal or potluck dinner to celebrate the day.

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Ascension Day is one of the most important days in the Amish calendar and is an opportunity for them to gather together and reflect on their faith. It’s a time for spiritual renewal and praise as they remember Jesus' sacrifice and the power of God.

On this day in the Amish community, churches are filled with worshipers who have gathered to celebrate Jesus’ ascension. During most services across the country, hymns of praise and prayers of thanksgiving are sung, sermons are preached, and scriptures are read.

Different Ways the Amish Celebrate Ascension Day

Even though this may sound like a rather somber holiday, the Amish still like to celebrate Ascension Day in their own special way. Below are a few of the ways they spend Ascension Day:

Most Businesses Close

One of the most important ways the Amish celebrate Ascension Day is by closing down businesses and refraining from any form of work. Many Amish members choose to spend the day with family and friends, attend services at local churches or simply enjoying a quiet day at home.

However, this isn’t a mandatory restriction, and some Amish individuals may continue working, if it’s necessary.

Family Dinners & Potlucks

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The traditional Amish way of celebrating this holiday is through communal meals. Families gather together to share meals and fellowship, both of which are important aspects of the Amish lifestyle.

These potlucks may also be organized by local churches, where members bring dishes for everyone to enjoy and take part in religious readings or services led by the pastor.


Whole families carry their cool Easter baskets and head into the woods or countryside for a picnic. This is a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of nature and remember Jesus' ascension. During this time, they take the opportunity to relax and spend time together as a family. Boys go fishing or play games while the girls talk and laugh with their friends.

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Walking Together

Many Amish congregations organize walks or hikes on Ascension Day, making it an ideal way to commune with nature and reflect on Jesus' Ascension. These groups often make it a point to stop at various points along their journey and sing hymns or read scriptures. They also take the opportunity to appreciate their surroundings and connect with God.

Visiting Family Members

For many Amish families, Ascension Day is the perfect time to catch up with distant relatives. There’s usually a potluck dinner or gathering of some sort that takes place in the afternoon. This is an ideal way for family members to reconnect and share stories while celebrating Jesus' ascension.

During these visits, they ponder on Amish philosophies and talk about current events and religious topics. They also take the time to play a few games or spend some quality time together. Young people may also have the chance to mingle, laugh, and play softball and volleyball. Children play with vintage Amish dolls while waiting for their parents and grandparents to finish talking. This is a nice way to enjoy the day and strengthen family ties.

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Attending Church Services

Of course, one of the most common ways for the Amish to celebrate Ascension Day is to attend church services. This is a special time for them to remember Jesus and his sacrifice. During these services, hymns are sung, and scripture readings take place.

At the end of the service, there’s usually a prayer of thanksgiving and a blessing. This is the perfect way to end their day of celebration and contemplation.

Final Thoughts

Ascension Day is an important holiday for the Amish, as it’s a time to reflect on Jesus' ascension and his power over mankind. The Amish follow the biblical teachings and understand the importance of this special day. As such, they celebrate it in various ways that are meaningful to them and underline their beliefs.

Whether it’s picnicking, visiting relatives, or attending church services, Ascension Day is a time for family, faith, and reflection for the Amish community. It’s a day of spiritual renewal and hope that gives them an opportunity to come together and express their love of God.

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