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do amish celebrate thanksgiving

Do Amish Celebrate Thanksgiving?

The Amish live a quiet life, separate from modern society and worldly pursuits. So what happens on traditional American holidays? Thanksgiving is a national US holiday, celebrated in Canada and various other countries. 

It was originally a day of giving thanks for the previous year’s blessings, particularly a bountiful harvest. Many of you have fond memories of Thanksgiving roast turkey dinners, surrounded by family and friends. But do Amish celebrate Thanksgiving? 

Discover the answer to this question, and so much more, in this Amish holiday guide. You’ll learn what the Amish think of Thanksgiving and how they celebrate other traditional holidays. So join us on a journey into the world of Amish festivities.

What this article covers:

Is Amish Thanksgiving a Thing? 

do the amish celebrate thanksgiving

Do the Amish celebrate Thanksgiving? Yes, Amish Thanksgiving is a thing! Many ‘outsiders’ are surprised to hear that the Amish celebrate it. But the Amish also celebrate other holidays that most Americans do, both cultural and religious.

At Thanksgiving, Amish people celebrate it much as everyone else does. They have a large gathering, with everyone sharing a delicious home-cooked meal. They give thanks for the blessings that they’ve enjoyed as a community, and each family has unique and personal blessings to count.

Does roasted turkey with stuffing served with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie sound familiar? Then you must have attended an Amish Thanksgiving dinner! No? Well, that’s what you’ll find at the typical Amish Thanksgiving Feast. 

What Other Holidays do the Amish Observe?

With any luck, your mind’s already buzzing with other questions about Amish holidays. What about all the other holidays many US citizens observe?

Do the Amish observe labor day? No, they rarely recognize federal holidays. Do the Amish celebrate Halloween? No, they don’t celebrate that either. It’s not a holiday that the Amish, and many other Christians, are comfortable celebrating.

Is Amish country open on Memorial day? Yes, because they don’t celebrate holidays that commemorate warfare. The Amish are pacifists,  so holidays celebrating the outcome of war conflict with their morals and values.

Before you start thinking that they don’t celebrate any other holidays that you do, keep reading. You may be surprised. There is a celebration the Amish observe along with their fellow Americans and the rest of the world. New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve

is today an amish holiday

The Amish celebrate New year with leisure activities, and a delicious meal, much like most of the country. Their festivities may depend on which settlement they’re in, but there’s always some celebration going on. 

The Amish are an intensely devout Christian group. What religious holidays do Amish people have in common with other Christian denominations? 


Amish Christmas traditions may differ from the rest of the country, but they do celebrate Christmas. The Amish attend religious services on Christmas Day and spend time with their families like many of you do. 

As they’re a Christian denomination, every Amish settlement celebrates the birth of Christ. They may celebrate Christmas with less fanfare than the rest of the country, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate gifts. 

Many Amish people give gifts at Christmas, although they tend to be practical and modest. Speaking of gifts, would you like a few Amish Christmas gift ideas? We have the best traditional Amish Christmas gifts right here at Amish Baskets

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There’s nothing quite as heartwarming as a handmade gift, but most of us just don’t have the time, and few of us have the skills to produce such items for all our friends and family. That’s not a problem, though. You can give beautiful handwoven wicker creations as gifts to all your loved ones.

what holidays do the amish celebrate

Present your mom with a gardening harvest basket filled with fresh produce from your garden. She’ll love reusing it on her trips to the grocers. Give your sister or friend a rustic Amish bread box for her country-style kitchen. And what about a rattan dog basket for your faithful furry friend?

what holidays do amish celebrate


Epiphany commemorates the manifestation of God in human form through Jesus Christ. Christians believe this was when three wise magi presented the infant Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. 

It’s based on the Bible’s account of Jesus’s arrival in the world. Many Latin American Christians celebrate this special day, and so do the Amish. Amish Epiphany Day is celebrated twelve days after Christmas and falls on January 6 each year.


The Amish love celebrating Easter, just as much as you. They even weave gorgeous vintage Easter baskets so you can share in their joy. The Amish Easter holiday is about more than just candied eggs, though. 

amish holiday today

Easter has a religious significance for Christians worldwide, including the Amish. That’s why they also celebrate Good Friday, the Friday before Easter. But do Amish work on Good Friday? No, as it’s a day set aside for fasting and prayer.

Ascension Day

Ascension Day is a big deal on the Christain calendar, celebrated by Christian communities worldwide. Ascension Day is celebrated 39 days after Easter Sunday. This Christian holiday commemorates Jesus Christ's ascension into heaven. 

But how do the Amish celebrate Ascension Day? They usually read the ascension account in the Bible, and gather together for a special meal. Most of the day is spent in prayer or singing at Church, and a special sermon is read.


Thanksgiving originated as a day to give thanks for a good harvest of one’s crops and to count one’s other blessings. The Amish are well acquainted with being thankful for blessings. As they celebrate Thanksgiving with the rest of America, this is a special day in their community. 

From their arrival as a group of religious refugees in the 1700s, until today, they’ve remained steadfast. They’ve upheld their faith, preserved their culture, and continue to be thankful for God’s many blessings.

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