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do the Amish celebrate Halloween

Do the Amish Celebrate Halloween?

Each year, when you see all the kids dressed up in costumes and hyped up on sugar, it’s easy to assume that everyone is celebrating Halloween.

How true is that?

Halloween is an exciting holiday for children where once a year they’re allowed to take candy from strangers. They’re even encouraged to knock on the doors of people they don’t know and ask for it.

Plus, they get to transform themselves into their most-loved characters.

However, what do the Amish think about this crazy tradition? What holidays do the Amish celebrate? Do the Amish celebrate Halloween?

Considering you may see a lot of pumpkins around Amish communities at this time of year, the answer’s a little more complex than you’d think.

What this article covers:

Amish Beliefs on Halloween

Do Amish celebrate Halloween? No.

do amish celebrate halloween

The Amish don’t celebrate Halloween because it’s not in line with their beliefs, values, or traditions. They're a denomination of the Anabaptist church and therefore only celebrate Christian holidays.

Plus, dressing up in costumes and consuming huge amounts of candy doesn’t exactly fit in with the Amish way of life. They don’t tolerate frivolous behavior and overindulgence of any kind.

So, let’s take a look at the holidays that they do celebrate.

Which Holidays Do the Amish Celebrate?


As devout Christians, the Amish celebrate Christmas with a focus on the birth of Jesus Christ.

They remain true to their values of living a simple, modest lifestyle and don’t give mountains of gifts.

do amish people celebrate halloween

Unlike most people, the Amish don’t put up decorations, lights, or a Christmas tree at this time of the year. There’s no mention of Santa Claus. You won't find stockings filled with sweet treats on Christmas morning. That’s way too over-the-top.

Instead, their Christmas celebrations are all about Jesus, family, and good food. Christmas mornings are usually spent with immediate family, where they recount the story of Jesus’ birth. 

Afterward, the Amish exchange useful, meaningful gifts. Some common Amish Christmas presents may include a new Bible, hymnbook, tools, dishes, or a good book. They also enjoy giving homemade gifts such as traditional Amish dolls, convenient underbed storage baskets, and decorative hanging file baskets.

why the amish don't celebrate halloween

The Amish don’t skimp on food on this special holiday. They enjoy a big feast of roast turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.

Families or groups of friends will take to the streets to go Christmas caroling and will bake cookies to give to their neighbors.

Amish Second Christmas

If one Christmas wasn’t enough, they decided to add a second one. This is celebrated either the day after Christmas on December 26th or on January 6th.

This is the day when the Amish will celebrate by enjoying a large feast with their extended family.

New Year’s Day

Here we have another Amish holiday that is celebrated with the extended family.

why amish don't celebrate halloween


You won’t take part in an Easter egg hunt to find chocolate eggs left by the Easter bunny. Instead, the Amish celebrate Easter by recalling the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.

Good Friday is considered a fast day, meaning the Amish don’t eat anything until lunch. They aren’t allowed to work on this day. Instead, theyl enjoy singing, praying, and reading the crucifixion story.

At this time of the year, the Amish keep busy by making their famous homemade Easter baskets to give to family and friends.

why amish people don't celebrate halloween

Ascension Day

When is Amish ascension day? Celebrated on the 6th Thursday after Easter, the Amish remember the day that Jesus ascended back to heaven after his resurrection.

It’s a day of rest so the Amish enjoy a day off work, businesses are closed and many families enjoy a picnic together.

Pentecost Monday

You might know this as Whit Sunday.

Exactly 50 days after Easter, the Amish gather to celebrate Pentecost Monday. This is the day when the holy spirit appeared to the Apostles of Jesus Christ.

Because it falls on a Sunday, the Amish celebrate the holiday the following day, on Monday.

the amish and halloween

St Michael’s Day

Amish people celebrate communion twice a year, once around Easter and once in the fall.

St. Michael’s Day takes place on October 11th and is celebrated by both the Amish and Catholics and is another day of fasting and prayer.

This is a holy time of the year when the Amish spend time soul-searching and making sure they’re in good standing with God and the church.

On this day, they do minimal work and turn their focus internally.


Alongside the rest of America, the Amish count their blessings and say what they are thankful for.

However, thanksgiving falls right in the middle of the Amish wedding season.

So, if you pop into an Amish home on thanksgiving, chances are they’ll either be enjoying a feast at a wedding or tucking into a homemade dinner with their family.

do amish celebrate halloween or not


Although the Amish don’t celebrate Halloween, they aren’t short of celebrations throughout the year.

Christmas and Easter are the most well-known, but they have numerous other holidays when they throw their hands in the air, say no to work, spend time with their loved ones, and exchange presents.

the amish people and halloween

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