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Amish Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is many people’s favorite day of the year, and we can understand why. It’s a day that celebrates love and is usually accompanied by gifts, cards, and special moments, but is there an Amish Valentine's Day? If so, how do they celebrate it?

People have grown so accustomed to the commercialized spin of Valentine’s Day that they often lose sight of its true meaning. In the Amish community, this spirit of love and gratitude is alive and well. Read on to discover how the Amish put their traditional stamp on this day of love.

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Do the Amish Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

do amish celebrate valentine's day

Yes, many of them do, but some of them choose not to. The fact is, it rather depends on which settlement they’re in and how conservative that particular community is. 

The Amish community consists of many settlements, some of them Old Order and some of them New Order. In certain areas, celebrating Valentine’s Day is discouraged out of fear of giving in to worldly vanities, or promoting premarital relationships among young people, 

However, many Amish towns are happy to celebrate Valentine’s Day as long as it doesn’t conflict with their values and norms and when they celebrate it, they do so with their traditional Amish touch. 

How Do the Amish Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Amongst the Amish who celebrate Valentine’s Day, there isn’t a great difference between them and the outside world. They may give each other little gifts and especially handwritten cards. 

amish valentine

The Amish are grateful for, and celebrate, love just like everyone else does. It’s only in their celebration of it, and the type of gifts they give, that some differences are apparent. 

Some Amish married couples will have a special dinner in Amish Country. Or a wife may lovingly prepare a special feast at home for her husband.  And her husband, in turn, may present her with a gift for the home.

Amish Valentine’s Gifts

Some Amish families may purchase small gifts outside the community for their loved ones, but most of them prefer homemade ones, and while the idea of creating a Valentine’s Day gift may cause you some apprehension, the Amish are quite happy to do it. 

amish valentines day

This is because they are very talented in several handicrafts. They put these skills to good use, as reliable sources of income for their community. And they also use these skills to make precious, handmade gifts for their loved ones.

Fortunately, thanks to the sale of many of these items, you too can celebrate your special day with an Amish Valentine’s gift. And why stop there? 

Amish crafts make wonderful gifts for any time of the year. You can make your Christmas Amish with some traditional handmade Amish Christmas gifts

Or you can enjoy some Amish Easter goodies in one of their cute Easter baskets. Your kids are sure to treasure their handmade basket of Easter eggs.

amish valentine's day

Amish Desserts and Treats

The Amish, like most people, love good food and treats. Amish women put a lot of love and effort into their cooking and baking, and most desserts are very sweet. The handmade recipe boxes in Amish kitchens all contain several dessert recipes. 

And Valentine’s Day has inspired many special treats, from heart-shaped cookies to delectable brownies and more. With all the baking and decorating going on you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s Christmas. Yes, the Amish do celebrate Christmas!

amish valentine's day gifts

Amish Handmade Wooden Furniture

Amish men, on the other hand, are expert craftsmen. They have passed down their superb carpentry skills through all the generations they’ve in America. It’s a valuable income stream for many Amish families. So it isn't difficult for an Amish man to create something special for his true love.

Amish Baskets

One of the most popular of all the Amish crafts is their hand-woven wicker baskets. Amish baskets are not only treasured as gifts in their community but in outside communities, too. They make wonderful gifts for any celebration, including Valentine’s Day.

Get Your Own Amish Baskets to Give As Gifts

amish valentines day gifts

You can choose from practical bicycle front baskets or innovative baskets for storage on shelves. There are also adorable wicker dog bed baskets and so much more. You’ll find gifts for every family member and every occasion. 

amish valentines day gift ideas

If you interact with Amish people and have made friends in the community, you’re probably what to get Amish for thanksgiving or christmas or birthday gifts. If in doubt, keep it simple and practical. And remember, the Amish don’t wear modern fashions, jewelry, or similar fashion accessories. 

But they love to read and enjoy treats, so a book or some sweets may be a good idea. A box of art supplies would also be ideal, especially for the children in the community.

Amish Quilts and Soft Furnishings

Amish women don’t just cook and bake well; they also love to sew. Amish quilts are in very high demand amongst non-Amish people, or the ‘English’ as outsiders are called. These quilts are hand-sewn with excellent attention to detail.

amish valentine's day gifts ideas

Amish Deli Foods

Many Amish communities produce a range of deli foods like pickles, preserves, and fine cheeses. A few of these delicacies tucked into one of their vintage harvest baskets make the ideal Valentine’s Day picnic hamper. And what could be more romantic than a lakeside picnic with the one you love?

amish valentine's day gift ideas


Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many cultures, but in the Amish communities, it’s celebrated in its purest form. It’s intended as a day of honoring your loved one and showing your appreciation for them with a token of affection. 

The best gifts are made with one’s own hands and given with a loving heart. So, if you want to show that special someone that you care, but can’t make them a gift yourself, treat them to an Amish Valentine’s gift.

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