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dog toy basket ideas

Dog Toy Basket Ideas

Just like your kids, your canine companions need their own space too. A designated spot for all their toys not only keeps your home tidy but also helps train your pets to know where their possessions are. But a functional storage solution doesn't have to be an eyesore. In fact, it can be a beautiful addition to your home decor, and we're here to guide you through that journey. 

From simple DIY projects to stylish store-bought baskets, we have curated some of the most ingenious and charming dog toy basket ideas. They'll keep your pup's playthings neatly arranged while adding a dash of style to your living space.

Whether you have a dainty Chihuahua, a stately Great Dane, or anything in between, you're bound to find a basket idea that suits your (and your dog's) taste and needs. So, fetch your creativity, and let's dive in together!

What this article covers:

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Dog Toy Basket

Size and Space

One of the first things to consider when choosing a dog toy basket is the size. Think about how many toys your dog has and how much space you need to store them. You'll need a basket that's large enough to accommodate all of your pet's toys without them spilling out.


The basket should be shallow enough for your dog to get its toys without any struggle, and it should also have a wide opening. A lidded or high-walled basket may keep toys out of sight, but it might also discourage your dog from playing with them.

ideas of dog toy baskets


Look for a basket made of sturdy, high-quality materials that can withstand the occasional gnawing or rough play. Our tests show that wire or heavy-duty plastic baskets often resist the wear and tear that comes with having a playful dog. This is something you should also consider when considering housewarming gift basket ideas for couples.

Ease of Cleaning

Over time, the toy basket will inevitably collect dirt, fur, and slobber, so you'll want a material that's easy to clean. Some fabric baskets can be thrown in the washing machine, while plastic or metal baskets can be wiped clean easily. From our experience, we recommend cleaning the basket twice a week to keep your dog's play area hygienic.


Dog toy baskets come in various styles, from rustic woven baskets to modern metal bins or colorful fabric bins. Choose a style that matches your aesthetic preference and blends well with your home decor.


Last but certainly not least, safety is paramount when choosing a dog toy basket. The basket should be free of any sharp edges or small parts that could be a choking hazard. Also, avoid materials that might splinter, like certain types of wood or brittle plastics.

Dog Toy Basket Ideas

Eco-Friendly and Sturdy Materials

Plastic dog toy baskets are understandably popular given their affordability, but they’re pretty darn terrible for the environment. Wicker dog toy baskets can be surprisingly durable, not to mention eco-friendly, providing a win-win solution.

dog toy baskets ideas

Variety of Sizes Available for Smaller or Larger Dogs

The size of the dog toy basket isn't just about how many toys you have—it's also about the size of your dog. Smaller breeds like Shih Tzus or French Bulldogs might not be able to reach into a tall, deep basket. On the other hand, a larger dog like a German Shepherd might make short work of a smaller, lighter basket.

Therefore, it's important to choose a size that matches your dog. For smaller breeds, low-sided baskets or shallow fabric bins could work well. Larger dogs might benefit from a sturdy, large wooden crate where toys can be easily seen and accessed but not easily destroyed.

Range of Colors, Neutral Tones, and Cheerful Prints and Patterns to Suit Any Home Decor Style

Who says a dog toy basket has to be plain or boring? Today, we're spoiled for choice when it comes to colors and designs. A neutral-toned basket can blend seamlessly with any decor style. Think about the natural wicker hampers, gray fabric bins, or old-fashioned wicker laundry baskets in your living space.

dog toy basket idea

If you're after something a bit more cheerful, how about a basket in a vibrant color like royal blue or sunny yellow? There are also options with adorable prints and patterns, from paw prints to dog bone motifs, adding a playful touch. Whatever your personal style, there's a dog toy basket that will match it while adding an extra layer of charm to your home.

ideas dog toy basket

Ingenious and innovative Design Ideas to Maximize Limited Space

Limited space in your home doesn't mean you can't have an effective dog toy storage solution. There are plenty of creative and space-saving ideas out there. Consider a hanging fabric organizer with several compartments that can be hung on a door or wall. Not only does it keep the floor free, but it also makes a fun game for your dog to pick their toy from different levels. 

Or, how about a stylish ottoman that doubles as a storage box? It can keep all your dog's toys hidden away while providing extra seating or a place to rest your feet. Our experts also recommend a narrow, tall shelving unit that can act as a corner basket holder. Each shelf can hold a small basket of toys, arranged vertically to save floor space. With a little creativity, even the most compact of spaces can become a great toy storage area!

ideas of dog toy basket


With these ideas in mind, it's easy to find the perfect dog toy basket for your home. Whether you want something classic or creative, simple or decorative, there are lots of options to choose from. Don't forget to consider your space and decor style when choosing a basket design. Then, give your pup its own special spot to store all those beloved toys. Best of luck! 

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