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Amish Casserole

Amish Casserole

Amish Casserole is a delicious Amish country casserole recipe that is simple to prepare and a delicious addition to any dinner or gathering. Feed many hungry mouths with this budget-friendly recipe that can be made with easy-to-find ingredients like ground beef, canned soup, noodles, and cheese. Simply combine all the ingredients, top with a layer of cheese, and bake!

This simple Amish Casserole recipe is savory and comforting, and a perfect make-ahead-of-time meal. This meal is ideal for all those busy families looking to save some time during the week. Prepare ahead of time, freeze, or keep in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.

If you want more Amish casserole recipes with ground beef, try out Amish Shipwreck Casserole or Amish Taco Pizza Casserole for some simple Amish recipe inspiration. For more Amish pasta casserole ideas, check out Amish Chicken Casserole for a similar recipe to this classic Amish Casserole.

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