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Amish Cabbage Casserole

Amish Cabbage Casserole

Amish Cabbage Casserole is a comforting traditional Amish delight consisting of cabbage, onion, cheese, and a creamy sauce topped with a crispy bacon cracker cheese crust. This dish is good for any occasion, especially if you are craving an easy-to-prepare homestyle meal.

The creamy sauce for this recipe is made simply by combing two ingredients; condensed cream of onion soup and mayonnaise. Using soup in casseroles offers a time-saving kitchen hack for quickly adding flavor to your casserole.

This comforting dish can be easily made into a main dish by adding any meat like cooked ground beef or ham. Or try adding grated potatoes or eggs for more of a breakfast dish. We love this classic comfort meal on any occasion and there are so many variations!

If you like easy-to-prepare homestyle casseroles like this Amish Cabbage Casserole, we recommend trying Amish Ham and Potato Casserole and Amish Chicken Casserole.

For a casserole dish perfect for the whole family, try Amish Taco Pizza Casserole for a unique Amish take on two different cuisines.

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