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Amish Tomato Salad

Amish Tomato Salad

What is better than a crisp and perfectly seasoned tomato salad? Nothing. This farm-favorite Amish tomato salad recipe is a must for all tomato lovers. With less than 10 minutes of preparation, this salad can be easily added to any and every meal with low prep and stress.

This simple yet delicious dressing is made with a touch of sweetness, tanginess, and healthy fat with fresh or dried basil. The red onion and tomatoes make a beautifully vibrant dish perfect for a summer's day or a great pairing for all dishes.

This salad will go well with pretty much anything, but we recommend trying it with our Traditional Amish Potato Salad for a great balance of creaminess and freshness. Or pair this tomato salad with an Amish Three Bean Salad for a more protein-rich meal.

Amish vegetable salads are always packed with flavorful simple ingredients, try experimenting with various vegetables depending on the season and embrace simple seasonal Amish vegetable salad.

Store this Amish tomato salad for 2-3 days for an even greater flavor and flavor combination. Amish tomato salad is also a great picnic addition and pretty much goes with everything.

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Perfect for tidying up kitchen counter essentials like olive oil, salt, and pepper.

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