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how do amish mow their grass

How Do the Amish Mow Their Grass?

Since the Amish have a unique way of doing most chores, you might wonder, "How do the Amish mow their grass?”. 

In most Amish orders, there's a ban on any form of technology that diminishes the value of hard work or tears down doing things together as a community. 

Does this mean that the Amish mow their grass without the help of motorized lawnmowers? We’ve created this guide to answer that question for you! 

What this article covers:

Do the Amish Use Technology to Tend to Their Farms and Households?

We’ve found that Amish farming methods and household rules vary from group to group. Usually, before any technology is approved for farm and household use, members of a church district discuss the pros and cons. Then they petition the bishop to allow them to use any technology that they deem beneficial.

how do amish cut grass

Amish joinery is one of the few industries where most Amish orders (including the ultraconservative Swatzentruber order) deem the use of technology vital. In most cases, an Amish worker can use pneumatic tools for carpentry, such as impact wrenches and air-powered nail guns.

The less conservative Amish use tractors for fieldwork or belt power. However, in our opinion, horses are the most prevalent source of power for tilling the land as well as other farming needs.

amish mow their grass

Why Do the Amish Use Horses?

Amish farming skills have been passed down through generations, along with other traditions such as weaving bread baskets, picnic baskets, and storage baskets for shelves. They use horses because they provide reliable, renewable power without relying on electricity. 

how do amish people mow their grass

Horses also provide a source of manure, and they’re more affordable and require less maintenance than tractors, which is good for the Amish economy.

how do amish people cut grass

Do the Amish have money? Most Amish make money from selling their farm produce and handcrafted items. Are the Amish rich? Amish farmers have a net income of $25,000 to $40,000, making their farms some of the most profitable in America. How do the Amish buy land? The Amish use credit to buy land, which they borrow from local banks.

Amish Methods of Mowing Grass

These are our three favorite Amish methods of cutting grass.

Hand Reel Mowers

Hand reel mowers are the most common method of cutting grass for the Amish. They consist of a rotating, cylindrical blade that is pushed manually by an operator. 

We’re big fans of hand reel mowers because they emit zero noise, are fume-free, and are less prone to mechanical issues.

Horse-Drawn Mowers

The Amish also use horse-drawn mowers to cut grass quickly and efficiently. A team of horses pulls a blade on horse-drawn lawn mowers. The horses also provide power to the mower, so it can cut through thicker grass types. With such strict rules, even in cutting grass, did the Amish own slaves? The Amish found slavery repugnant after having experienced persecution in Europe. Therefore, they didn't own slaves. 

amish cut grass

Gas Mowers

While Amish communities are typically against using mechanical devices, some Amish church districts permit the use of gas-powered mowers for larger areas. These mowers are less labor intensive than hand reel or horse-drawn mowers and can get the job done faster.


The Amish have an interesting way of mowing their grass and lawns. Since they generally don't use machines, they rely on hand reel mowers and horse-drawn mowers to maintain their lawn landscape. 

With strict technology rules to follow, the Amish have found ways to stick to them while still keeping their yards neat and tidy. 

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