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Amish Working Culture

The Amish are a group of Protestant Christians who value work and its role in fulfilling their duties to God and the community. The Amish earn through agriculture, carpentry, woodworking, metalworking, and running small businesses.

In their communities, we guarantee you’ll find the Amish working to support their families and help others, not to accumulate personal wealth. 

That being said, leisure time holds significant importance for the Amish, too. They reserve Sundays for religious practices and allocate additional days for observing religious holidays and participating in community events.

Let’s dive a little deeper into Amish working culture.

What this article covers:

What Do the Amish Do for Work?

Though sometimes people assume that all Amish people are farmers, they have diversified their jobs in recent years. With increasing land prices and a growing population, many Amish have opted for alternative means of livelihood.

How do the Amish make money? The Amish are savvy farmers and business people. Studies suggest that Amish businesses have a 95% success rate within five years. We’ve compiled a list of some of the things the Amish do for work.


The Amish economy is largely based on agriculture. The Amish strive to keep their religious, family, and community values through farming. Instead of tractors, horses are often used to plant and plow their fields.

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Are the Amish rich? Not necessarily, they simply find ways to save money and earn more from farming activities. For instance, Amish farmers avoid pesticides and use manure used to fertilize and crop rotation to keep the soil healthy.

Combining their knowledge of science and experience, they maintain Amish farming methods that are most beneficial to their families and community.


Amish retail work involves running a cash register, restocking shelves, and taking and fulfilling orders.  They use baskets for storage shelves among other cost-effective measures to keep businesses profitable.


Amish people make their own clothes with the help of Amish tailors. Sadly, this profession is becoming increasingly rare, as many choose to purchase clothing from stores rather than make it.

However, further into Central Pennsylvania, where stores and clothing options are scarce, Amish still make their clothing. The older groups, like the white topper and yellow topper, often make their garments from raw materials.

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The Amish are known for their basket-weaving craft. Their baskets are usually made from reed or willow and are woven using traditional techniques.

Many Amish families operate small-scale basket-weaving businesses, selling their products at local markets or specialty shops. They save the money in an Amish bank they trust.


In addition, Amish woodworking is another of their highly rewarding craft. It involves creating furniture, toys, and other household items.

Amish joinery techniques have earned them global fame and controversy in equal measure.  Amish carpenters pass on their skills to younger generations on a master and apprentice basis.

Strip Mining

The Amish community has ventured into the world of strip mining as a form of work. With their strong work ethic and respect for nature, the Amish have shown success in this industry.

Their approach to strip mining is unique, as they prioritize land reclamation and restoration after the mining is complete.

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Amish Attitudes Toward Work

The Amish uphold values of humility and simplicity, which they incorporate into all facets of their lives, including business. They focus on cultivating self-sustaining livelihoods that align with their straightforward beliefs.

Their honesty and ethics make them trustworthy, and customers quickly form close, lasting relationships with them. Money is seen as a tool, and success is not measured in financial gain.

Amish attitudes extend to the concept of indentured service, too. Did the Amish own slaves? No. The Amish helped slaves in early America and have always stood against slavery.

Most Amish businesses remain small, with no more than 30 employees, and the owners may opt to sell if the business grows to the point that it jeopardizes their commitment to simplicity.

How Do the Amish Work Without Electricity?

Though the Amish don't have electricity, they do use gas, batteries, and windmills to light lamps and power stoves. They also employ diesel generators to provide electricity for their businesses.

Instead of using electric power tools for making furniture, they use pneumatic tools, powered by air from an air compressor.

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How do the Amish cut grass?  They use old push mowers. The mowers are quiet and rarely have mechanical breakdowns.

How do Amish buy land? We’re fairly sure they’d prefer to always use cash, but sometimes they also take Amish bank loans when buying large tracts of land. 


The Amish people have a unique way of life that involves adhering to their traditions and practices. 

The Amish believe in hard work as a means of survival and as a way to contribute to the community.

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At Amish Baskets, we’re huge admirers of Amish work ethic, and are committed to ensuring that their expert craftsmanship reaches as wide an audience as possible. From cute picnic baskets to vintage wicker hampers, we celebrate the Amish working culture, and we think you should too!  

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