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amish communities in the united states

Amish Communities in the United States

The Amish are an ancient order of religious people whose origins can be traced back to the 16th century during the Protestant Reformation. They relocated to North America to escape the religious persecution in Europe. 

A few hundred years later, Amish communities in the United States have not only survived, but thrived. 

Today, the Amish people span across 32 states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. 

Buckle up, we’re about to take you on a tour of the Amish communities in the United States!

What this article covers:

The Amish Way of Life

The Amish communities in the United States live without many modern conveniences, such as electricity and modern technology, and instead rely on manual labor and horse-drawn carriages.

The Amish tend to live in closely-knit large families, which means that most communities are populated by them. So there’s not a whole lot of stranger danger in Amish country! 

amish communities in the us

Values and Beliefs of the Amish Community

The Amish of the United States place a strong emphasis on living according to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible. They reject modern conveniences because they don’t want to allow room for anything to come between them and God’s natural Earth. 


In tandem with their deep devotion to humility and simplicity, the largest Amish communities regard the family as the most essential unit of society. They spend a lot of time with family and build a connection among each family member.

Families run businesses, and children are taught the value of hard work at an early age. Families lead to the growth of communities.


It’s not just blood relations that are strong in Amish culture. The Amish people place immense value on community, helping and supporting each other at all times. 

It’s this deeply-entrenched sense of community that’s allowed the Amish lifestyle to thrive against the tide of modernity and popular culture. 

amish communities in usa

Hard Work

We’ve yet to find a community with a work ethic that can match that of the Amish in the USA.  

They avoid modern technology, materialism, individualism, and fancy things that may disrupt their lifestyle, instead masterfully handcrafting Amish picnic baskets and baskets for shelves. Their level of expertise is one of the many reasons that we started Amish Baskets. It’s rare to see this level of mastery go quite so unnoticed by the mainstream!

largest amish community in us

What Do the Amish Look Like?

If you’re wondering how to become Amish, you can’t punch your ticket without adhering to the dress code! The Amish are easily recognizable because of their appearance. 

Amish communities in the US follow a dress code of plain clothing made from simple fabrics to avoid attention. Men wear black trousers, plain shirts, and suspenders, while women wear long, plain dresses and head coverings and do not have tattoos.

They wear clothes that show little skin and don't use cologne or lotion. Can you become Amish if you have tattoos

You can always join an Amish community as long as you sincerely follow their rules and make a genuine attempt to embrace their way of life. You may have to get the tattoos removed before you’re allowed to live in the community.

states with amish communities

Comparison of the Amish Lifestyle to Modern American Life

In communities where Amish live, education concludes in the eighth grade. On the other hand, 16 is the legal school dropout age in American culture. In the 21st century, most American youngsters with the means to do so progress to college.

There’s also a huge cultural rift regarding fashion and style. Jewelry and fancy clothing are banned in Amish communities because they don’t signify humility.

Also, Amish people isolate themselves from the rest of the world and rely on face-to-face communications within communities. 

Amish Communities in the United States

More than thirty-five thousand old-order Amish live in the United States, and their population is increasing. There are around 40 varieties of Amish communities found in 32 American states.

The Amish communities in the USA include old-order Amish, new-order Amish, and beachy Amish. Are there black Amish? There are a few black Amish people scattered across various communities, but these aren’t to be confused with the Black Toppers, a subgroup of Amish people in Pennsylvania that use black buggies. It’s also important to note that there’s a slight difference between the Amish and the Pennsylvania Dutch. Not all Pennsylvania Dutch people are Amish, but both speak the same Germanic language variant. 

Most Amish people are found in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, with Lancaster County being the largest Amish settlement in Pennsylvania. This is followed by Holmes County in Ohio, then Elkhart and Nappanee in Indiana. Most community church districts comprise 20 to 40 families.

what states have amish communities

Differences Between Amish Communities in Different States

The Amish people's lifestyles vary across the states as no central government exists and each community formulates its own rules. The rules include dressing, using technology, doing religious tasks, and interacting with strangers.

The geography and climate of a region can also influence Amish practices. The Amish communities in more arid areas may rely more heavily on irrigation and other technology than those in more fertile regions.

Amish communities in different states may have different historical origins, which can influence their practices and beliefs. 

The Amish who settled in Pennsylvania in the 18th century may have had other traditions than those who settled in Ohio or Indiana. 

For instance, the Pennsylvania Amish have modernized buggies because their economy is more tourist-oriented. Indiana Amish buggies are traditional and simplistic.

largest amish community in the us

The Best Amish Communities to Visit

There are several Amish communities throughout the United States that offer unique and engaging tourist experiences, but these are our two favorites! 

Lancaster County Amish Community

The oldest Amish settlement in Pennsylvania is in Lancaster County. You'll come across Amish buggy rides, farmers' markets, museums, and crafts shops where you can buy a wicker storage basket.

how many states have amish communities

Other Amish products here include hand-woven wicker laundry baskets that replace plastic while providing a unique and stylish alternative way to store laundry.

largest amish settlement in us

Shipshewana Amish Community

Shipshewana, Indiana, is an Amish community that allows visitors to see traditional Amish homes and businesses. 

where are the largest amish communities

If you’re a fan of crafting and sewing, we think you’ll love some Amish vintage sewing baskets with compartments, perfect for organizing your supplies. And don't forget to check out some classic pie carriers for picnic Saturdays.

largest amish communities in the us


There are many Amish communities in the United States where you’ll find fascinating and unique lifestyles. 

Their simple way of life, strong religious beliefs, and traditions have enabled them to maintain a distinct culture that has persisted for centuries.

At Amish Baskets, we’re as committed to spreading the joy of Amish craftsmanship as the Amish are to spreading across North America! 

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