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do amish watch tv

Do the Amish Watch TV?

Looking at the simple life that the Amish live, it's easy to wonder whether they enjoy everyday conveniences like watching TV or listening to music.

The Amish are famous for rejecting modern conveniences because of their religious beliefs, but do the Amish watch TV? Read on to find out! 

What this article covers:

Can the Amish Watch TV? 

The Amish avoid technologies that might introduce worldly ideas and influences into their communities. So, to answer the question, do the Amish watch TV? The answer is no. The Amish aren’t even allowed to own TVs.

Amish Attitude Toward Technology

Amish technology rules restrict the use of technology, but these bans aren’t intended to punish the community. According to their beliefs, technology isn’t evil, and community members might petition their bishop to allow them to use certain technologies.

do amish people watch tv

Technology Ban

Why is there a ban on technology such as Amish computers if technology is not evil? Their Amish believe technology provides easy contact with the outside world and might break their communities.

All technology introduced into the community is carefully considered before being accepted in a church district. Technology that prevents children from learning the value of hard work or reduces the community's reliance on one another is generally rejected. 

Do the Amish use tractors? Several Amish orders permit using tractors but don’t, as they diminish the value of hard work in the community. 

Owning technology is seen as different from using it. Therefore, you'll find some shared telephone booths within communities to make Amish communication easy with relatives who are far away.

do amish have tv


Do Amish use electricity? Amish bishops rejected the use of high-voltage electricity in 1920. Electricity is the window to owning most modern-day conveniences that interfere with the family unit. However, some communities allow using Amish solar panels for running water pumps or heating, assuming they’re disconnected from the national grid.

Amish Depiction on Screen

The Amish don't typically watch TV as their beliefs condemn graven images. According to the Amish, photographs, films, and paintings are graven images that promote individualism and vanity.

What's the Amish Mafia? 

The Amish Mafia is a reality TV series set in Lancaster County. It features a group of men tasked with protecting and upholding the rules of their community according to their interpretation of the Amish faith.

The show shows some characters in fancy cars and wielding guns. Do the Amish own guns? Most Amish own firearms for hunting but don’t use them against each other.

can amish watch tv

Amish Mafia has been criticized for misrepresenting the Amish lifestyle and exploiting the culture to gain viewership, though the producers insist that the series is based on actual events.

What Do the Amish Do for Fun?

Quilting and weaving are some of the activities that female Amish enjoy. Their craft has been passed down many generations and is lauded by the outside world for its quality and intricate designs. You’ll find women making easter baskets, rattan baskets for shelves, and vintage wicker hamper with lid.

do the amish watch tv

Other fun activities that the Amish enjoy include:

  • Canning
  • Board games
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Connecting with others

can amish people watch tv


While the Amish stance on technology might be deemed too strict by the outside world, it is meant to preserve the communal nature of their faith and protect the family unit. 

As long as they keep engaging in meaningful activities together, it's fair to say that the Amish don't need television to be happy!

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