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how do amish buy land

How Do the Amish Buy Land?

We can promise you’re not the first person to wonder “How do the Amish buy land?”.  

After all, Amish people have close-knit ties to their land through Amish farming practices.

In fact, when conducting a search for Amish farms and houses vs Amish villages, you’re sure to find pictures of these communities working on green pastures with modest farmhouses on them.

But how do they acquire property? Do the Amish use banks? And what are their attitudes toward property?

In this article, we will answer your most pressing questions about how these religious rural communities acquire their land.

What this article covers:

Do the Amish Own Property?

Yes, the Amish people own the land they farm and live on.

Amish people usually look for land where they can conduct Amish work without undue external influence, and their geographical footprint continues to expand along with the Amish economy.

how do amish people buy land

Do the Amish Buy Property?

Yes. Most Amish individuals use bank loans to acquire property.

Amish people can easily secure loans due to their reputation as hard-working and dependable individuals.

Some Amish people depend on Amish-run lending funds, which seek to provide capital to fellow Amish members at favorable rates.

Due to their commitment to craftsmanship and sustainable construction practices, the Amish prefer to build their own homes using locally sourced materials.

What is the Amish Attitude Towards Wealth?  

Despite their simple way of life, Amish people don’t engage in bartering and trading; rather, they use money to buy and sell items. For this reason, many of them have bank accounts and even credit cards.

amish land

Due to a lack of status symbols, it may be hard to tell who the richest Amish person is. But wealthy Amish individuals often invest in property, horses, and mutual funds.

The Amish people aren’t a communist society, and each household functions independently within the Amish money system.

Despite this, there’s a tendency to help Amish members who experience financial hardship based on the religious practices they grew up with (which is also the reason why the Amish helped slaves).

This is often done through a mutual aid or benefit auction.

How Do the Amish Make Money?

The Amish community makes money by selling the products of their labor. They make exquisite furniture pieces and also other items such as wicker laundry baskets and decorative baskets for shelves.

amish people  land

Amish items are handmade and stand in contrast with the mass production of modern society, which is why their products have become quite sought-after and known for their quality and durability.

Their commitment to sustainable work and craftsmanship can be observed in everything from how they mow their grass to Amish woodworking techniques

land of amish people


Not only do the Amish own land, but they go through the same processes as most other individuals to acquire it.

In fact, owning land is an important marker of independence and wealth for many Amish households.

They acquire the funds for their assets by selling handmade products and furniture.

Due to their commitment to sustainable craftsmanship, these products have made certain Amish individuals quite wealthy.

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