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are amish rich

Are the Amish Rich?

Some find it baffling that the Amish can not only survive without modern amenities and technology, but thrive! So, are they hoarding secret stashes of cash? Are the Amish rich?  

The answer isn’t as straightforward as you’d think.

We’ll walk you through what the Amish value, how they make money, and if they’re rich by modern definitions.

What this article covers:

Amish Values

The Amish are a tight-knit community of people who live in rural communities and shun modern comforts and conveniences. They prioritize faith and community over material wealth. In addition, they have managed to preserve their culture and traditions for centuries.

are amish people rich

The Amish, known for their simplicity, strong work ethic, and traditional lifestyle, have a unique approach to money. They thrive in agriculture and small businesses. As a self-sufficient community, they've accumulated wealth for centuries and continue to defy the odds in today's modern world.

In times of economic turmoil, such as the current inflation, and recession, the Amish may be comfortable and largely unaffected by these challenges. Here's a closer look at some reasons for their resilience.

How Do Amish People View Wealth?

There are indeed wealthy Amish people, but their view of wealth differs from that of most Americans. While they acknowledge the importance of money, the Amish believe it isn't the most crucial aspect of life.

Instead, they prioritize using their material wealth to fulfill basic needs such as food and clothing rather than luxuries. This explains why Amish people carry their items in picnic baskets and preserve wealth for many years.

richest amish person

Amish people are not opposed to wealth but emphasize the need for hard work and diligence when creating wealth. Did the Amish enslave people? No, the Amish didn’t practice slavery. They’ve always taught their children to work hard from an early age so they can earn an honest living when they grow up.

It's rare to find the Amish living in debt. Student debts are foreign to them. Instead of going to college, young Amish people take a job in carpentry, farming, or weaving Easter baskets if this is their family business interest.

The Amish typically avoid discussing financial matters and wealth. They have an alternative money system, a hybrid model of dollars, real property and commodities. The median annual household income for Amish families is $42,000.

average amish net worth

How Do the Amish Make Money?

Do Amish people work? Absolutely yes. The Amish make money in a variety of ways, and all of them involve hard work. Here are some common ways that the Amish make money.

Farm Produce

Amish farming is done on large acres of land and is thus a big part of their income. They make money from selling dairy products, cereals, livestock, and eggs.

Some sell their goods at farmers' markets or roadside stands, while others sell directly to consumers who visit their farms. They use their inexpensive Amish farming methods to make substantial profits from agriculture.

At-Home Shops

Most Amish people work in at-home shops selling handmade products like bread baskets to people who visit their homes. These businesses typically include quilts, pies, cookies or other baked goods. Some make furniture and Amish joinery products that they sell door-to-door or at local markets.

amish rich

Mobile or Remote Businesses

Many Amish people run businesses based at home or on the road, such as construction crews. The workers go from place to place, working for different employers, which keeps them from having to set up shop in one location permanently.

Tourist Attractions

Some Amish communities offer tourists access to museums, farms and shops where visitors can learn about Amish culture. Visitors pay entry fees and can also buy souvenirs like locally made rattan storage baskets for shelves, quilts, or handcrafted furniture pieces.

amish people rich

Part-Time Businesses

One popular example of Amish part-time businesses is their market stands in Pennsylvania Dutch markets. Here, the Amish showcase their fresh produce, delicious homemade baked goods, and beautifully crafted items, charming locals and tourists alike.

Amish Tips for Living Well

If you’re wondering how the Amish stay financially stable and maintain an Amish economic system that’s resistant to popular economic shocks, we’ve compiled a few tips from the Amish on how to live well:

Save your money

They believe saving money for the future is important, so they save as much as possible in an Amish bank: a bank that understands their culture and needs. They also save money by buying used items whenever possible instead of purchasing new ones. Because they are big savers, they always have enough money for emergencies or retirement.

Avoid debt at all costs

The Amish oppose debt and refrain from using credit cards or taking loans from others. Consequently, many Amish individuals do not maintain checking accounts because they don’t use checks.

The Amish don't own luxury fuel-guzzler cars. How do the Amish cut grass? They use old school push mowers that don't need fuel. They use solar power or gas to cook, light their houses, and boil water, saving them vast amounts of money.

amish person richest

Work hard

The Amish have a strong sense of community and work hard to build strong relationships with each other and their neighbors.

Because they care for each other, the less fortunate Amish don't suffer the negative consequences of capitalism, such as homelessness and starvation.

Further, the Amish believe that if you work hard, you'll be rewarded with wealth in this life and salvation in the next.

Make real investments

If you’re wondering “How do the Amish buy land?”, the Amish buy land just like anyone else does—with money! However, there’s one major difference between how they buy land and how most people do it – they use cash.

amish net worth

Cut your expenses

The Amish don’t believe in health insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. They believe God will heal them if they get sick, so they don't spend money on medical bills or prescriptions.

They also don't believe in going to the doctor unless it’s absolutely necessary because doctors use modern medicine, which is against their religion. 


In a world obsessed with accumulating wealth and possessions, the Amish have chosen a different path that leads to deeper, more meaningful living.

So, are Amish people rich? The straightforward answer is that the Amish may not possess substantial monetary wealth, yet they’re rich in many other ways. They’re well-equipped with all the essentials for survival and comfort, and their culture has kept them thriving for centuries without compromising their values and beliefs. If you ask us, that’s plenty rich! 

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