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do amish drink coffee

Do the Amish Drink Coffee?

The Amish are a Christian sect that rejects modern technology and follows a strict set of rules. It’s no surprise that outsiders are often curious about Amish everyday life, and their eating habits. 

Do the Amish drink coffee? 

The answer is yes, they certainly do! However, they don’t use electric kettles or coffee machines as we do. So, let’s learn about how the Amish drink their coffee.

What this article covers:

How to Make Coffee Like the Amish

You might be wondering how the Amish heat up their coffee. And, for that matter, how do the Amish keep their food cold without electricity?

While it may feel impossible to do these things without modern technology, the Amish look to the techniques of the past. For heating coffee (and making hot food), they use either a wood burning or a gas stove.

Many Amish families use a wood-burning stove during winter and then switch to kerosene or propane in the summer when there is no need for extra heat. 

do the amish drink coffee

It’s important to understand that the Amish aren’t afraid of technology. They simply reject anything that separates man from God and from hard work. 

This dedication can also be seen in their craftsmanship. They make beautiful wicker hampers without needing to rely on modern conveniences. 

By making things like storage baskets for shelves and wicker laundry baskets, the Amish are keeping their culture and history alive. The quality of their work is head and shoulders above modern mass-produced baskets.

The Amish Diet 

Unlike other deeply religious groups, the Amish don’t have any dietary restrictions placed on them. They can eat whatever they want. This also answers the often-asked question “Do the Amish eat pork?”.

Amish people can eat fast food like the rest of us. Their avoidance of technology applies to them and their community, and they aren’t against consuming food made with electricity.

amish drink coffee

Of course, this only applies to some Amish groups, as Old Order Amish are much stricter than other denominations. However, interestingly, if you wonder Do the Amish drink alcohol?, then the answer would be yes for Old Order Amish.

However, New Order Amish are more evangelical and outlaw alcohol consumption, as well as the smoking of tobacco, both of which are not uncommon amongst the Amish in general.

So there’s no prescribed Amish diet, but there’s still an assortment of food that people think of when they think of how the Amish eat. In fact, an often-asked question is simply why is Amish food so good?

This so-called Amish diet is less because of religion and more because of culture and tradition, which are deeply important to the Amish. They eat a lot of simple, hearty meals, including lots of meat and potatoes, casseroles, lasagne, and roast chicken.

The Amish eat less processed food than the average American because of their approach to food as nourishment. 

However, their cooking includes a lot of sugar. While food is a source of nourishment, it’s also a way for women to care for their families.

Many Amish households have chickens to get fresh eggs daily. In their self-sufficient spirit, they then also make pie carriers and picnic baskets to transport and store their food. 

It’s very common to walk into an Amish home and see a beautiful homemade wooden bread box storing their freshly baked bread.

 amish coffee

What is Coffee Soup?

Being a community that still adheres to traditions that are centuries old, it shouldn’t surprise you that the Amish still eat many of the foods that became popular during the Great Depression.

One of the most popular ‘Depression meals’ is coffee soup. It takes things that were available at the time and creates something filling, if a bit unusual.

To bulk up coffee, the Amish added bread to it. This ‘soup’ is a staple at breakfast in many Amish homes. 

How to Make Coffee Soup

For those of us who grew up dipping bread into our coffee, coffee soup is no strange thing. The Amish have simply taken this and turned it into something more official.

can the amish drink coffee

To make a serving of coffee soup, start by making a cup of strong coffee on the wood-burning stove. The Amish sometimes boil coffee in a pot, but also may use a french press to brew their coffee.

Then toast two slices of homemade bread fresh out of the bread-serving basket until they’re golden brown.

Place the toast into a large bowl and then pour the coffee over it. Add your regular amounts of cream and sugar for a delicious Amish treat. 

Of course, you can also make coffee soup using a coffee machine and an electric toaster, but it might be a fun challenge to try and make this snack the way the Amish do; without using electricity.


So the Amish do indeed drink coffee, and it’s an important part of their culture. Coffee is as Amish as horse and buggies and wicker basket weaving.

The Amish love coffee soup, which is coffee with toast submerged in it, with plenty of cream and sugar. 

Coffee soup forms part of a hearty breakfast that prepares them for a day of manual labor, including farming and crafting authentic Amish goods. 

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