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what do amish do on saturdays

What Do the Amish Do on Saturdays

For most people, Saturdays are a day of relaxation and the first day of a much-needed weekend to relax from the stress of a work week.  

But what do the Amish do on Saturdays?

For the Amish, Saturdays are a day of preparation for Sundays to be dedicated to worship and church activities. 

Any necessary immediate work that needs to get done before Sunday gets finished on Saturday; including Sunday’s food preparation.

Sundays are holy days in Amish communities, and only the most essential tasks and work should be done. 

What this article covers:

Do the Amish Work on the Weekend?

The Amish lifestyle is known for their hardworking and labour-filled lifestyles, so it might be a bit odd to hear that they do no work on Sundays. 

Saturdays are considered a day of preparation, not only in terms of the work to complete before Sunday but also for the following sabbath day. 

what do amish do on sundays

The Amish usually take time on Saturday to spiritually prepare for the Sunday following. Usually, this preparation is in the form of reading scripture, having family discussions or quality time with those in the community. 

On Sundays, of course, some things need to be done every day, like feeding cows, for example, but any unnecessary work should wait until Monday.

Amish businesses are closed on Sundays, and some may even close on Saturdays to have Saturday dedicated to finishing as much work at home as possible.

do amish work on saturday

So for those looking to buy authentic Amish products such as rattan baskets for shelves, wine picnic baskets, and vintage wicker laundry baskets, you may want to get them on a weekday.

what day do amish go to church

What Day Do the Amish Go to Church?

Sundays are a holy day, and Amish activities include church and worship. Sundays are reserved as a day away from work and are meant to be spent with family, god, and the community.

In many Amish communities, church services are held every second Sunday. Many assume that on these “off-Sundays,” the Amish will get to work since there is no service. 

However, on these “off-Sundays”, the day is spent visiting relatives, community members, or couples who recently had a new baby. 

What Do the Amish Do on Sundays?

Sundays are a day of rest for Amish communities and are filled with church activities. If they do not have service on a particular Sunday you will find families visiting other churches or distant relatives.

do amish go to church on sunday

Out of respect for their religion, all Amish businesses are closed on Sundays, as Sundays are not a day for work in Amish communities. 

On Sundays, Amish churches are filled with the sound of praise. The Amish and music have a complex relationship. They don’t play musical instruments nor do the Amish dance. However, they do sing, and there's no shortage of excitement and joy.

do amish work on weekends


Amish weekends focus mainly on worship and church activities. Unlike some of their modern American counterparts, you’re unlikely to find Amish hunting groups set off on a Saturday jaunt. 

The Amish spend their Saturdays either resting or getting what work needs to be done out of the way to prepare for the following holy day. 

Sundays are a day of relaxation and worship and a day for spending quality time with loved ones. 

So, if you’re planning a trip to Amish country, make sure you plan your weekend accordingly to avoid disrupting their centuries-old traditions. 

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