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do amish eat pork

Do the Amish Eat Pork?

There are many religious groups that don’t eat pork, and that might make you wonder: do the Amish eat pork? Yhe answer is yes, they do.

Pork is actually a big part of the Amish diet, and is eaten often in several forms. 

What this article covers:

Amish Food Rules

The Amish don’t have specific “eating rules”, but they do have rules about how you can prepare and store it. Because of their beliefs, the Amish largely reject the use of modern technology.

This includes electricity, and Amish houses aren’t allowed to be connected to electric grids. Then, how do the Amish keep food cold?  And why is Amish food so good?

Luckily there are a wide variety of ways that they can keep food cold without electricity, like ice boxes and cold streams. Some more moderate Amish communities also allow the use of gas fridges to store food.

can amish eat pork

Do the Amish Have Any Food Restrictions?

While there are many rules and restrictions in the Amish community, food restrictions aren’t actually prevalent. There are no foods that the broader Amish community is forbidden from eating. 

People sometimes struggle to believe this, and ask questions like do Amish people drink coffee? And yes, they do, quite a lot. 

Another popular question is do the Amish drink alcohol? For the most part, yes. Most Amish denominations, including Old Order Amish, permit drinking alcohol, even if it isn’t encouraged.

So the Amish community as a whole doesn’t have any food restrictions, but certain sects within the community do enforce stricter rules. This is seen with many things, including food, technology, and separation from the world.

amish eat pork

Are the Amish Allowed to Eat Pork?

Because there are no food restrictions, or notions of pigs being unclean, the Amish can eat pork. 

Amish Pork Dishes

Because of the importance of pigs in Amish farm culture, pork is present in many different Amish dishes. Here are some of the best Amish pork dishes. 

It results in hearty homecooked meals, as well as exquisitely crafted vintage sewing baskets and wicker laundry baskets. The Amish dedication to simplicity and authenticity makes both their food and their crafts wonderful.

do amish people eat pork


One of the most famous Amish pork dishes, scrapple is a breakfast staple in most Amish households. To make it, you need pork scrap and trimmings. Mix them with cornmeal and wheat flour.

do the amish eat pork

Then season it with your favorite spices and form it into a loaf shape. Cut the loaf into thick slices and then pan-fry them for a delicious pork dish. Scrapple is often served with bread fresh out of the homemade bread box

Pork Chops

Another traditional Amish meal is pork chops, often prepared in a sauce made up of mushroom soup, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, and chopped onions.

Cover the chops in this sauce and then bake them for 1.5-2 hours.

Ham And Green Beans

For this dish, cook the ham in seasoned water for a few hours, then add beans and potatoes to the same pot. Cook for another 25 minutes, or until the potatoes are soft.

amish pork


So, when it comes to wondering if the Amish do eat pork, the answer is yes. It’s also true that Amish people are allowed to eat anything unless they belong to a specific sub-denomination that has food restrictions.

Amish pork dishes aren’t too dissimilar to those found in most American homes. They’re just made without electricity. Now tell us that doesn’t impress you much!

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