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amish healthcare

Amish Healthcare

The Amish community lives their lives away from urban centers and outside of secular influences. For the most part, they grow their own food and abstain from unhealthy lifestyle choices. What does this mean for the state of their health? Is Amish healthcare similar to outsiders’ healthcare? 

Discover the effect Amish culture has on the health of its people, and what their attitudes to the conventional healthcare system are.  We examined the pros and cons of Amish health beliefs and even discovered some surprising genetic facts along the way.

What this article covers:

Surprising Facts About Amish Healthcare

amish culture and healthcare

Here are some facts about the Amish approach to healthcare that you may not know.

The Amish Are Not Opposed to Medical Care

The Amish follow a strict set of laws for life, called the Ordnung. There are things they are forbidden from doing, and things that are encouraged. Healthcare is not necessarily subject to these laws. The Amish are not opposed to modern healthcare, and it is certainly not forbidden. 

However, Amish people often wait to see how a health condition will develop before seeking modern medical intervention. Doctors know this, and safely assume that if an Amish person shows up at their medical rooms then the issue must be urgent.

The Amish Prefer Folk Medicines

Although the Amish may consult modern medical practitioners and be prescribed medicines, they rely mostly on folk remedies. They have perfected their traditional medicines over generations of seclusion. 

There’s an Amish natural remedy for hearing loss, even an Amish acid reflux remedy, and many more natural remedies. This is largely due to their preference for natural health care, and their determination to remain self-sufficient.

The Amish Have Great Immune Systems

the effects of religious beliefs on the health care practices of the amish

Although they often work outdoors in agriculture and farming, and their children spend lots of time outdoors too, their Amish immunity is strong and keeps them safe from infections. The Amish also have a lower rate of asthma and allergies than the average population group.

And research in recent years supports this. Amish children in Indiana were found to be the least allergic subgroup ever measured. Other research in Europe has proven that this natural immunity to allergies is common in residents of dairy farms, leading to the term “the farm effect”. 

Is Amish Healthcare the Secret to a Long Life?

A product claimed to improve hearing has been credited with why Amish have perfect hearing. But such claims are false, as the Amish haven’t developed a miracle cure for hearing loss. Unfortunately, their name is often tied to products by unscrupulous businesses out to make a quick buck.

But are there any Amish health secrets that you can implement in your own life? Yes, there are, and you may want to do so. Because Amish healthcare appears to hold the secret to a long life. At least, that’s what science seems to indicate.

A Surprising Scientific Find

amish beliefs in healthcare

In an Old Order Amish community living near Berne, Indiana, scientists discovered individuals with a genetic mutation. This mutation appears to protect against multiple aspects of biological aging and has inspired more research into possible anti-aging drugs. 

But what could the reason for this mutation be? And does it explain why the Amish tend to live long, healthy lives in general? It turns out that this mutation was only found in the Berne area. The mutation for longevity was passed on to that community by Swiss farmers who settled in the area and married into the community.

Healthy Lifestyles

However, the Amish across America do live long, healthy lives. And this may have more to do with their lifestyle. 

They lead active lives, get plenty of exercise and fresh air, and avoid alcohol and tobacco use. They avoid modern sources of stress in the news as they don’t watch television or browse the internet. They eat a lot of freshly-grown produce and even have a homemade Amish baby formula recipe.

These are great tips for anyone wanting to lead a long life of good health. 

Amish Attitudes to Health

 amish healthcare beliefs

The Amish have their attitudes to health, and these usually work in their favor. But do they sometimes work against them, too? Let’s find out.

Pros and Cons of Amish Health Beliefs

There are both pros and cons to Amish medical beliefs. Let’s look at some of the top examples.


  • Healthy living is seen as a priority in the Amish community. Their faith in God’s ability to provide and their sense of community means they have a positive attitude to health.
  • The Amish see the body as a temple to God and thus make healthier lifestyle choices than most non-Amish do.


  • Unfortunately, the reluctance to attend outside medical facilities until very urgent, means that serious medical conditions aren’t caught in time.
  • The belief in God’s will supersedes any concerns for medical care. Because the Amish believe that all is God’s will and therefore not to be questioned, they may delay getting medical treatment.

How to Enjoy the Best of Amish Healthcare

You, too, can enjoy the best of Amish healthcare by introducing the 5 following changes into your life.

Spend Less Time Online

Take your inspiration from Amish health practices and spend less time online. You don't have to go all the way, avoiding the internet and computers completely as they do. But spend less time on social media and stress about world events.

Rather find some less stressful activities that allow you to connect with people in person. It’s far better for your mental health. Go for a walk in the park and meet new people. 

You can also take the dog for a walk - that’s good for both of you. And be sure to treat your furry best friend to one of the Amish community’s sturdy wicker basket dog beds.

amish and healthcare

Find A Hobby You Love

Give your emotional health a boost too by finding a hobby you love. It will also stimulate the creative areas of your brain, and help you to avoid stress. Even the Amish have hobbies. 

They have turned their traditional crafts into important income streams for the community. A great example of this is the Amish Baskets initiative. The Amish have been weaving rustic wicker baskets by hand for centuries. 

The Amish have perfected this skill to make items that everyone will love, like wicker file baskets for your home office. They will bring a touch of Amish country charm into all you do. And if you need storage for your hobby items, invest in some small storage baskets for your shelves.

treating amish patients

Get More Exercise Outdoors

This is a great tip for anyone wanting to lead a long healthy life. Exercise is also good for reducing stress, and improving your blood circulation and cardiovascular health. Two of the best forms of exercise are walking and cycling. The first costs you nothing, and all you’ll need for the second is a reliable bicycle.

Cycle down to the grocers with a bicycle basket for your goodies. To go for a walk in the countryside and breathe in the fresh, clean air. It will do wonders for your well-being, and you’ll feel recharged and revitalized. The Amish get plenty of outdoor exercise and their health benefits from it.

amish healthcare beliefs and practices

Eat More Natural Foods And Fresh Produce

This may be one of the main reasons Amish people are so healthy. They eat plenty of natural, organic foods, particularly home-grown produce. 

Start a vegetable patch, or do some windowsill herb gardening. But if you’re unable to do so, get down to your local farmer’s market and invest in your health with some delicious fresh fruit and veg.

Need the perfect vessel for the trip home with your healthy foods? The Amish hand-weave garden harvest baskets which they use in their communities for gathering in the harvest. Now you can do the same when you purchase one right here at Amish Baskets. 

 amish healthcare practices

The Spiritual Connection

It’s no secret that the Amish have a profound faith in their Creator. It is also well-known that a spiritual connection can improve a person’s well-being.

Rather than get caught in a cycle of unhealthful living and reliance on medicines, the Amish choose to live per God’s will. They eat healthily and use folk medicines that are gentle and natural. And they focus on God, the family, and the community.

Whatever faith you ascribe to, the connection is what counts. By developing a higher sense of purpose, you may gain deeper insight into what Amish healthcare is all about. Living your best life, naturally.


Amish views on healthcare may at first seem like a limited topic with nothing to offer outsiders. But this couldn't be farther from the truth. 

Their principles of healthy living are a testament to their great faith and beautiful culture. And everyone can learn a thing or two about healthy living from these devout people of the land.

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