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amish solar power

Amish Solar Power

The Amish community is deeply rooted in tradition, has a strong work ethic, and excels in self-reliance. The Amish sparingly use electricity because they don’t want to dilute their commitment to living life as God intended. They want to be self-sufficient, without depending on other people or systems for survival.

So they use candles and lanterns for light, kerosene heaters for warmth, and sometimes propane or wood stoves. However, the community has been gradually shifting to Amish solar power, using it in strict compliance with their beliefs in homes, farms, and businesses.

Concurrently Amish technology beliefs are also shifting, with many of them now using calculators, telephones, and specially engineered Amish computers.

Here is everything you need to know about how the Amish use solar power. With the rising cost of living, living off the grid as they do could be what everyone needs.

What this article covers:

Do the Amish Use Electricity?

Most Amish people live in rural areas with no electric lines for miles around them. They don’t use electricity, they don't drive cars or trucks, and they don't own televisions.

From an early age, the Amish learn to be self-reliant and avoid buying what they can make themselves. This includes everything from the large wicker laundry basket to barns and houses.

can amish use solar power

When they are not busy on their farms, you will often find them weaving a pie carrier with handle or baskets for shelves which they sell to non-Amish customers. Do Amish use nails? Yes, but they also use natural joinery techniques such as dovetails and rabbets.

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The Amish don’t use electricity because it’s considered too modern and unnecessary for their simple lifestyle. However, some Amish people use electricity sources like solar power.

Amish cell phone use is limited to emergencies and business. Do Amish use tractors? They use them as a power source but not for their fieldwork.

Why Do the Amish Limit Electricity Usage?

The Amish prefer simple living over modern conveniences. Therefore they limit their use of things like electricity, which they believe can negatively affect their spiritual lives by keeping them too focused on worldly things.

They believe that automated technology removes the value of hard work and makes it easier to become lazy and less productive overall. Therefore Amish love to toil by hand. They’re always helping each other with daily tasks such as building barns or weaving rustic bread baskets.

do amish use solar power

In addition, the Amish believe the world's increasing reliance on electricity and technology harms society. Instead of powering their phones to chat on TikTok, they visit each other, share meals and pray together.

Thou shalt not tempt thyself. Amish leaders recognized early on that electricity could potentially power many things and thus banned its use. Eliminating public power from home prevents the temptation of using television, radio, and the Internet in the home

Do the Amish Use Solar Power?

While the Amish have traditionally used diesel fuel to run generators that power washing machines, water pumps and more, many Amish households are now using solar panels to generate electricity.

They now believe in taking advantage of natural resources to provide them with power for their homes and businesses.

Solar panels heat water and cook food in many Amish homes and businesses. Solar panels may also provide electricity for lighting and powering small appliances such as fans or Amish computers.

Reports show that Amish farmers are also massively using solar power. The Amish see solar power as a responsible way to use God's natural resources and to reduce pollution and climate change caused by traditional forms of energy generation.

The Amish use solar power for phones for Amish communication with customers and business partners. This is in line with their religious and moral code. They believe that if technology helps put food on the table, then it's of good use.

Does this principle of use apply to firearms? Can Amish people use guns? Yes indeed. Many Amish families own low-caliber rifles and low-gauge shotguns, mainly used for hunting and protecting livestock.

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Solar Power Usage in Amish Communities

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular among some Amish communities due to the fire risk of their traditional heating methods.

Solar power allows the Amish to generate their own electricity without relying on external sources. This self-sufficiency aligns with their values of simplicity and self-reliance.

You can follow in their footsteps to seek energy independence by exploring renewable energy options for your homes or businesses. This can reduce your dependence on external sources and foster self-reliance.

Now that they embrace solar power do the Amish watch TV? No. They don't have televisions or Amish Wi-Fi. They believe that unnecessary modern technology can cause them to lose sight of what's important in life: faith, family, and community.

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How Do the Amish Live Off-Grid?

The Amish are practical people who rely on their skills to make Amish bread boxes and create everything they need to survive. Living off-grid has been part of their lifestyle for generations.

The Amish live off-grid, using solar panels to generate electricity for their homes. These panels are connected to batteries that store excess energy from the sun during the day to be used after sunset or during cloudy weather. This allows them to access electric power without relying on traditional sources like utility companies.

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Because they aren’t linked to the power grid, the Amish subsidize solar power with wind turbines and generators to make enough electricity to run their homes and businesses.


The Amish are among the few traditionally self-sufficient communities left in the world. While most of us rely heavily on modern technology and conveniences to fuel our lives, the Amish can solve their problems more innovatively. Apart from adopting solar power, these people have devised simple solutions to complex problems that we can borrow and practice.

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