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why don't amish dolls have faces

Why Don't Amish Dolls Have Faces

Have you ever seen an Amish doll? Have you wondered why it doesn't have a face? It may seem odd at first, but there are really interesting reasons behind it.

We're going to take a closer look at why Amish dolls have no faces and what it says about their culture and values. 

So, get ready to learn something new about Amish culture and the surprising ways in which they approach toys and playtime! 

What this article covers:

What Are Amish Dolls?

Do the Amish accept gifts? They sure do! Amish dolls are homemade dolls that Amish women create for their kids and grandkids. Much like their easter baskets and bread baskets.

why do amish dolls have no faces

They're not fancy or high-tech - just simple little dolls made from fabric, yarn, and stuffing. They're also incredibly high-quality!

amish faceless dolls

How Are Amish Dolls Made?

Amish women make them by hand, using basic materials like fabric and stuffing. They cut out patterns for the doll's body, sew the pieces together, and stuff the doll to make it nice and soft. 

The clothing and accessories are all made by hand, often using fabric or yarn scraps. The style reflects the Amish stereotype of simplistic clothing design.

faceless amish dolls

Why Do Amish Dolls Not Have Faces

So, we've established that Amish dolls are, but why don’t they have faces? Let's check out some of these reasons below.

Modesty And Simplicity

One of the main reasons that Amish dolls don't have faces is because the Amish value modesty. They believe that creating dolls without facial features will encourage humility and prevent pride and vanity. It’s similar to the Amish and picture taking.

The Amish also see dolls with faces as potentially creating a false representation of a person, which goes against their beliefs. 


The Amish enjoy the simple things in life, which is another reason their dolls look incredibly simple. Making a high-quality doll is more practical than focusing on crafting intricate facial features.

Dolls without faces also have a classic and timeless feel that fits with the Amish's love of tradition. They remind us of a simpler time when kids entertained themselves with basic toys and didn't need all the fancy gadgets we have now.

amish dolls without faces

Religious Beliefs

The Amish are devoted Christians. They take their faith very seriously. Like with their dolls, they don't want to create anything that could be seen as disrespectful to the human form or as a false representation of a person.

They also believe that demonic spirits can possess dolls. These spirits can live through the dolls' senses and interact with them and their children. 

Cultural Traditions

The Amish are pretty big on their cultural traditions, which is shown in their dolls' designs. By leaving off the facial features, they're actually keeping a tradition that goes back generations.

For the Amish, their toys aren't just toys. It's a reflection of their way of life and their cultural heritage. Making dolls without faces is a way to honor their past and show respect for their ancestors.

Creative Expression

When it comes to Amish dolls, the lack of facial features is actually a great thing for creative expression. Without a predetermined expression, kids can use their imagination to come up with all sorts of different personalities and emotions for their dolls.

amish dolls no faces


So there you have it—the fascinating reasons behind why Amish dolls don't have faces. From preserving their cultural heritage to encouraging creative expression, the lack of facial features on these dolls reflects the unique values and traditions of the Amish community. 

If we’ve peaked your curiosity about Amish culture, be sure to check out our website. We’ve got all the information on the Amish way of life. So, if you’re keen to learn about the Amish and dental care, or if you’re wondering “Are all Amish people white?”, then we’ve got you covered!  

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