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what do amish wear to bed

What Do the Amish Wear to Bed?

When it comes to understanding the day-to-day practices of Amish communities, there are many questions, and one is “what do the Amish wear to bed?”. 

The differences between the Amish lifestyle and mainstream America can be a little daunting, but that’s what makes it a fascinating topic to explore. While the Amish are notoriously reclusive, there’s still space to learn about them and their culture. There’s immense value in exploring different cultures and learning from them. 

The traditional values and culture of the Amish, coupled with the simplicity of their lifestyle, make them a very interesting contrast to the hustle and bustle of modern life. 

What this article covers:

What Do Amish People Normally Wear?

do amish wear pajamas

There’s a very strict Amish dress code, and it makes Amish people quite distinctive. They generally wear straightforward, plain, and durable clothing. It’s normally darkly colored, with light colors reserved for children. There are no decorative patterns allowed.

This is done for a few reasons. The first reason is that the Amish are very focused on their religion. They dress modestly to prioritize their inner values rather than their external appearance. 

There’s also the fact that they reject modern society and don’t want to associate with it, preferring a much simpler life. This is one reason that the Amish make their own clothes a lot of the time. Because of the sewing skills of their seamstresses, there’s an entire subculture of truly beautiful Amish hand quilting.

 why do amish men wear hats

However, their crafting skills aren’t limited to sewing. You can also get lovely garden harvest baskets, and even wicker dog beds. Because of their resistance to modern technology, Amish people are very self-sufficient. 

do the amish wear pajamas

Coming back to clothing, Amish men wear loose-fitting pants, which are often fastened with eye hooks because some groups of Amish people don’t use buttons. They wear simple shirts with no collars and often use suspenders to keep them up because belts aren’t allowed. 

Amish women have a different set of rules about what they can and can’t wear. They aren’t allowed to wear pants and instead wear either dresses or skirts. These are always loose to preserve their modesty. There’s a reason that our mental image is of an Amish woman in a blue dress

This connects to the third reason that the Amish dress the way that they do. It makes them clearly identifiable as Amish when they’re out and about in public. This allows them to raise more awareness of their lifestyle. 

This is also partially the reason why Amish women wear bonnets because these bonnets are very identifiable and different from the average American woman. Wearing bonnets allows them to cover their hair, which is a form of modesty and means that they aren’t showing off their hair to the world. 

This is especially important because Amish women don’t cut their hair, but rather keep it tied up in a plait or a bun. There are also rules about facial hair for men, with men needing to be clean-shaven before marriage and to grow a beard once they are married. 

do amish people wear pajamas

Another way that they promote their lifestyle is through wonderful crafts, like wicker Easter baskets, or hanging file baskets. Although the Amish communities themselves do not sell their goods online, we have partnered with them to allow their crafts to be financially supported. 

what do the amish wear to bed

What Do Amish People Wear to Bed?

Now that we have an idea of how Amish people dress during the day, let’s look a what they wear to bed. This varies based on the specific community, as some Amish communities are more orthodox than others. 

When it comes to night clothes, many Amish women make their own clothes, using many of the same skills they employ when crafting their handmade Amish faceless dolls

what do amish people wear to bed

For bed, most Amish women wear one-of-a-kind nightgowns, similar to those worn in the 18th century. This is in line with their traditional lifestyle. Remember, the Amish dress purely with function and practicality in mind. They’re not concerned with trends or style because it detracts from what they believe to be life’s true purpose.  

In summer they usually prefer cotton material, but opt for flannel nightclothes in winter to combat the cold. 

These nightgowns are usually dark-colored and are also modest. They’re full-length, and they cover almost the entire body, including long sleeves.

In direct contrast with most Western societies, Amish nightclothes aren’t meant to be alluring or flashy, but rather simple and functional. 

Amish women also often wear large thick underpants that cover the expanse of their thighs, but they’re not very form-fitting because elastic is not permitted. Fascinatingly, Amish women do wear underwear, but Amish men are prohibited from wearing underpants. 

Instead of conventional pajamas, Amish men generally wear long linen shirts to bed, although they do also wear flannel shirts in the winter to keep warm. 

These long shirts go down to the mid-thigh and are again focused on functionality and simplicity. Although modern society has strayed from men’s night-shirts, it’s hard to deny how comfortable they are to sleep in!  

what do the amish women wear to bed

Beyond what they wear to bed, there’s also a specific Amish birthing gown for pregnancy and childbirth. Again, this is traditional and very similar to what would have been worn in the 18th century.

Why Is So Much Amish Clothing Handmade? 

Part of the reason that so much Amish clothing is made at home is because of the simple and down-to-earth lifestyle that they lead. However, on another level, it can be a little difficult for Amish people to buy clothes at conventional stores.

Under Amish regulations, zippers and velcro aren’t allowed, and many Amish women do not wear buttons because they’re considered too eye-catching and decorative. 

A large part of Amish culture is centered around self-sufficiency and avoiding reliance on the modern world, which is another appealing aspect of their lifestyles. Rather than compromising their values, the Amish carve out a space for themselves in a modern world that evolves simply for the sake of evolution.

do the amish women wear pajamas

This same do-it-yourself attitude shows up in a number of other wonderful creations, like wooden bread boxes, wicker bike baskets, and under-bed storage baskets

do the amish men wear pajamas

Don’t be fooled, Amish people certainly aren’t averse to progress. If their lives can be improved without compromising their ideals and culture, they have been known to embrace some modern changes. 


While the Amish lifestyle is vastly different from our modern one, there’s a lot we can learn from the Amish about simplicity. With the current rise in the popularity of minimalism, learning from Amish communities can help us identify what is truly important.

Rather than being caught up in the rat race, the Amish live quiet lives, with a focus on community and sustainability. 

Amish people have a deep respect and reverence for their history. That’s why we feel so strongly about the work we do here at Amish Baskets.

Through our partnership with our local Amish community, we ensure that their legacy of basket weaving lives on and that more people can share our appreciation for exceptional Amish craftsmanship.

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