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amish swimming

Amish Swimming

People who live near Amish Country are used to seeing Amish people from time to time. If you’ve ever spotted an Amish person or family on a country road, you wouldn’t think too much of it. 

Yet if you catch a glimpse of them at your local swimming hole, you may pause and wonder about it. 

“Is Amish swimming allowed?” is probably the question that will spring into your mind. Don’t worry, it’s a natural reaction, as it’s not a subject that gets talked about often. 

We decided to address the issue so that you never have to stress about how to respond to Amish swimming. 

What this article covers:

Do Amish People Swim?

Do Amish people swim? Do they go to public pools or beaches for a refreshing dip in the water on hot summer days? Because of their strict dress code and modesty laws, most non-Amish believe that the Amish aren’t allowed to swim. This simply isn’t true. 

While it can’t be said that all Amish love to swim, many do. It’s a healthy activity that gets them out in the sunshine and nature. 

do amish go swimming

Another misunderstanding is that Amish people don’t like water. Once again, that isn’t true. Amish hygiene is perhaps not as excessive as with non-Amish, but they do practice good hygiene and they do use water. 

The Amish And Water

Do the Amish have running water? No, many of them don’t. “But how do the Amish bathe?” you may be wondering. They usually sponge bath themselves with water from a pump in the home, connected to a central well point. 

However, many of the more progressive and New Order Amish do have indoor plumbing. But they’ll still have those authentically Amish touches nearby, like the handwoven wicker laundry basket with a lid

Just like their traditional  Amish cleaning tonic ingredients, these people like things to be natural. So natural toiletries are preferred. They even have their very own Amish cleaning solution for cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

We’ll examine that shortly, but first, let’s look at where the Amish go to enjoy a dip in the water.

amish people swimming

Where Do the Amish Swim?

Amish families have often been spotted at lakes or pools near their villages, pie basket in hand, on family outings. While they are sometimes just enjoying the view on their way elsewhere, they do sometimes stop for a swim. 

It’s rare to see Amish people swimming outside of Amish Country, though. They don’t generally go to waterparks or holiday resorts, and they don’t travel far unless they have to. But the Amish love to swim when they have a peaceful place to do so.

amish women swimming

How Do the Amish Deal With Modesty at Beaches and Pools?

So the Amish aren’t afraid of water, and they do like to bathe and swim. But what about their modesty laws? How does that tie in?

You may be familiar with Amish attire. The men wear long trousers and shirts with suspenders and always have hats on their heads. The women wear long dresses and bonnets covering their hair. They are forbidden to appear in public in immodest fashions.

do amish people go swimming

Their swimming attire depends on who else is around. Some Amish are happy to wear an ordinary swimsuit, albeit a plain one (no bikinis or similar fashions) if they’re swimming alone in a private area. 

When they aren’t assured of this privacy, they wear clothing similar to their daily wear, although more lightweight. Women would also wear shorts underneath such swimming dresses. Mixed-gender swimming situations are not allowed, though.

can amish people swim

Can Non-Amish Swim in Amish Country?

Many Amish people like to enjoy family outings at ponds or lakes in their surrounding areas. They’re well aware that they have non-Amish neighbors who may wish to do the same.

If you’ve gone swimming at a lake in Amish Country, and an Amish family comes walking along with their wooden picnic basket, you don’t need to flee. Just be respectful, and cover up a bit when you get out of the water.

If you enjoy going swimming in Amish Country, always remember that they may appear at your favorite swimming spot. So, don’t engage in any nude swimming or other immodest acts in those areas. Respect the Amish values and they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

can amish swim


Amish people aren’t the world’s biggest swimming fans, and some don’t swim at all. But those who do, retain their modesty and humility while out in public. 

If you happen to see any Amish people while out for a swim, don’t be afraid to wave your hand and say hello. You just might make some new, lifelong friends.

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