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amish acid reflux remedy

Amish Acid Reflux Remedy

The Amish are well known for their high standard of health and natural remedies, and for good reason. 

Many Amish communities don’t accept incorporating modern medicine into their daily healthcare unless necessary, which is one of the main reasons their natural Amish medicine and community healthcare are so good. 

The Amish’s natural approach to healthcare has created somewhat of an Amish immunity in their communities where common sicknesses are concerned. 

We’re not saying that they never get sick, but due to their lifestyle, many Amish families have a very high tolerance for getting sick. 

A decreased risk of sickness could be due to many things incorporated into their lifestyle. From their homegrown food to their busy, labour-filled workdays the Amish lifestyle has developed a tough immune system. 

The Amish also have good reasons to avoid being sick, as much of their time is spent providing for the family and community. 

Being sick means they cannot serve their family or God as they would like to, which often motivates them to maintain good health. 

What this article covers:

How Do the Amish Treat Acid Reflux?

Amish health secrets often have one main reason for their effectiveness and popularity, natural ingredients. Many traditional Amish communities rely on natural remedies and cures to help them with their common colds, flu and sore throats. 

The Amish suffer from just about every common sickness that outsiders do. They use home remedies for the common cold and Amish natural remedies for hearing loss

amish heartburn remedy

A popular all-natural acid reflux remedy from traditional Amish medicine combines a balanced mix of apple cider vinegar, ginger plant juice and just a touch of garlic juice. 

Many home remedies and cures have become so popular and well-known that individuals and families in Amish communities sell them outside the community. 

Many families now, not only, earn a living from selling homemade pie carriers or wicker laundry hampers but from selling all-natural home remedies to outsiders as well. 

Of course, in cases where modern medicine or medical attention is needed, they aren’t forbidden to seek out hospitals or western doctors. 

In fact, in some communities, a joint healthcare fund is made between individuals for cases where expensive medical procedures are needed.

amish acid reflux recipe

How Do the Amish Stay So Healthy?

Outsiders to Amish communities often assume that their aversion to technology impacts their health and standard of living.

Many people are surprised when they find that Amish physical health standards are much higher than those living in the “western world”.

This standard of good health comes as a combination of their beliefs and lifestyle.

amish heartburn remedy recipe

Amish individuals treat their bodies like temples and believe that their bodies are for God’s work, so due to this belief, members of their communities need to take care of their physical health. 

Their traditional lifestyles mean that much of their day is often spent labouring and working to produce crops, or making homemade items such as their famous storage baskets, picnic baskets, and bread boxes as a source of income.  

Amish communities hardly use substances such as tobacco or alcohol.  

Many modern conveniences and technology which make our lives much easier aren't available in Amish communities, which often means that Amish healthcare systems are based on what the community has in place. 

Manual labour and doing things with your hands have resulted in the average Amish person being nearly six times more healthy than the average American citizen.

amish cure for acid reflux


The Amish lifestyle has certainly brought advantages and disadvantages to their communities. While many outsiders may think of their lives as less than ideal, the Amish are quite set in their ways. 

Their values towards life have always been to provide for their family, be devout to their religion, and work diligently to provide. 

Maintaining good health is needed to pursue all these values, which often causes communities to take their healthcare quite seriously. 

It seems the Amish community structure and lifestyle can teach many of those living in the western world a thing or two about care and health.

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