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do amish celebrate birthdays

Do the Amish Celebrate Birthdays

Like much of the Amish lifestyle, birthdays are a modest and quietly celebrated occasion. Although a festive and exciting day, it’s not celebrated with big flashy parties. 

Birthday parties are happy occasions celebrated with family and friends. Kids often have afternoon parties, whereas adults usually have a birthday supper. 

Until they reach the age of 16, Amish kids celebrate their birthdays with cakes and gifts and, like most kids across the United States, the Amish have fun parties.

Adult birthdays are a more modest celebration with small gifts and usually an intimate gathering of friends and family. 

Birthday celebrations are more modest for the Amish and music and flashy decorations don’t feature heavily, but this doesn't make the occasion any less special and exciting.

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How Do the Amish Commemorate Birthdays?

Commemorating birthdays in Amish communities happens much like they do in western culture, with congratulations, gifts and gatherings. 

The Amish celebrate ageing and living a faithful life as they believe that death is a part of life and God's plan. 

Although the Amish have a strict aversion to technology and much of what they deem “worldly activities”, birthdays are a time of celebration in Amish communities.

do the amish celebrate birthdays

Amish People will receive gifts, cards, congratulations and food as people celebrate their birthdays in their communities. 

While “parties” are held in Amish communities, they may be different from what a kid's birthday party might look like in Western culture. 

These parties don’t feature electronic music, nor do the Amish dance, and Amish birthdays don't include video games or modern technological gifts 

Although, some Amish communities have their fair share of Amish games that are usually hand-crafted and made of wood. 

Birthdays, much like most parties and gatherings, are a time for social interaction and spending time with family and friends.  

Birthday Gifts

Many outsiders may find themselves in situations where they need to buy an Amish person a birthday gift, and for those unfamiliar with the Amish way of life, that can be a difficult task. 

celebrate amish birthdays

When contemplating the perfect Amish gift for whatever situation you may need, there are more options than you may think.

Outsiders of Amish culture often assume gifts the Amish receive or give are bland or won't be relevant in today's modern age. 

This couldn't be further from the truth. Amish communities are experts in gift-giving, and when it comes to birthdays, they know just what to give on a person's special day.

amish celebrate birthdays

Amish gifts often include homemade items or food, lots of cookies, cakes and pies to go with handcrafted pie carriers.

birthdays of amish people

The Amish craft beautiful household items that many in the community appreciate as gifts, including bread baskets, wicker hampers, sewing baskets, and kitchen storage baskets for shelves.

amish birthday

Birthday Food

One thing the Amish are known for is their delicious food, and on birthday occasions you should count yourself lucky.

amish people birthdays

The Amish celebrate birthdays with the best cakes, cookies, pies, and bread that their family recipes can produce, shared with friends and family alike. 

Children in Amish communities usually take plenty of snacks and treats for their friends at school, and when it comes to social gatherings, there's always enough for everyone attending.

amish people birthday

Adult birthday celebrations usually feature a lovely supper with family and friends around the dinner table, ready to enjoy the feast. 

Amish birthdays aren’t just a special day for the birthday boy or girl but for everyone around them too.


Parties and gifts are a common sight in Amish communities, and while older members of the community may get smaller gifts and less exciting parties, the thought behind the special day is still very much there. 

There are plenty of authentic local Amish stores and markets which can provide home-crafted gifts for all who enjoy the craftsmanship of Amish products. 

As you can see, the Amish have no shortage of birthday fun and celebration, and even though it may be different to western culture, the Amish know just how to make everyone feel good on their special day. 

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