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do amish have mirrors

Do the Amish Have Mirrors?

Amish culture is often the subject of lots of questions, such as wondering “Do the Amish have mirrors?”.

The short answer is yes, they do, but it’s interesting to understand why the Amish allow mirrors when they don’t allow photographs.

Keep reading to find out more about this fascinating group of people and how they use mirrors.

Can the Amish Use Mirrors?

Because of their dislike for photographs, you may think that the Amish are prohibited from using mirrors. However, this isn’t the case. 

The Amish culture is unique in many ways, and you might find yourself wondering how the Amish people live. They don’t live without mirrors.

However, they use mirrors differently from many other people. The Amish use mirrors for purely practical reasons.

do amish use mirrors

For women, this includes making sure that their head covering is pinned securely, and for men, it’s primarily about helping them shave their moustaches.

While it may be hard for us to walk past a mirror without checking how we look, it’s very different for the Amish. Their culture is so detached from a focus on outer appearance that they don’t view mirrors the same way we do. 

In some ways, they aren’t so different from us - although there are many questions to ask, like “do Amish people listen to music?” and “do Amish dance?”. Looking closer at the Amish you will find both similarities and differences.

However, they do most often do things differently, even if the thing is similar. They don’t listen to conventional music, but singing is a very important part of worship for them. They don’t play musical instruments or dance. 

Another example of some similarity is regarding the issue of if the Amish celebrate birthdays. They do celebrate but have smaller parties which end around age 16. 

can amish have mirrors

But, you might wonder do the Amish play games? They don’t play the same kinds of games we do but are fans of simple board games.

These are often played around an Amish fireplace with the whole family. Family is important to the Amish, with some families even adopting children. Yes, you read that right - the Amish can adopt children

Amish Views On Vanity

Vanity is a very large sin amongst the Amish. They consider a focus on earthly things to be against how the Bible tells us to live our lives.

This is why they wear plain and modest clothing, and part of why women cover their heads when outside the home.

can amish use mirrors

So why is a mirror different to a photograph? A photograph is considered a graven image. The Amish believe that we’re created in the image of God, and any kind of representation of people is a form of idolatry.

That’s why Amish dolls don’t have faces on them. You’ve probably seen photographs of Amish people. The specifics of the rule are that they may not pose for photographs. This is why the Amish take issue with photo IDs. 

With such strict rules, you might be tempted to ask “What do the Amish do for fun?”. One example would be Amish hunting, and another would be basket weaving. 

There’s a long legacy of crafting in the broader Amish community with skills, like how to make a picnic basket, being passed down through generations. 

And Amish craftsmanship is not limited to weaving but also includes woodwork, such as producing beautiful wooden bread boxes

While it has its big differences, there’s no arguing the fact that Amish culture is incredibly rich. They value their close-knit communities, and they draw together even tighter because of their separation from the modern world. 

do amish people have mirrors


So, while it might be unexpected, the Amish do indeed have and use mirrors. However, their purpose isn’t vanity. 

This is an example of the fact that Amish culture is more complicated than we sometimes think. 

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