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can amish ride trains

Can the Amish Ride Trains?

You’ve probably spotted an Amish family along a country road at some point or other. Chances are, they weren’t traveling in a car, but rather a horse and buggy, particularly if they’re Old Order Amish. However, these traditional wagons aren’t suitable for every occasion. 

Can Amish ride trains when the distance they need to cover is great? And what about other forms of commercial transport, are they allowed? Find out, in this Amish guide to trains and other transportation.

What this article covers:

Do the Amish Ride Trains?

Amish people are known for their reluctance to use technology, and their refusal to drive cars. So, how do the Amish travel long distances? You may be surprised to learn that the Amish ride trains. 

As many people (especially in Pennsylvania) can attest, it’s a common sight to see Amish traveling on trains, and even coach buses. They’re easily recognized by their distinctive traditional garb. Amtrak coal trains are also favored. 

can amish take trains

Amish ventures into urban areas are very limited. However, train trips aren’t forbidden, and many Amish families enjoy traveling by train to visit distant relatives and friends. 

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The Most Common Forms of Amish Transportation

The most common form of Amish transportation is the horse and buggy. If a trip isn’t a short enough distance to walk, this is the preferred method for getting around on country roads. 

do amish ride trains

They may also make use of bicycles or public transport like buses or trains to cover longer distances.

Traditional Horse & Buggy

The main reason why the Amish don’t drive is not so much their resistance to technology, but rather their avoidance of vanity and pride. Cars are seen as status symbols in secular society and are often equated with the owner’s wealth and social standing. 

The modest horse and buggy provide horsepower without the status symbols. It’s the perfect solution to travel along country roads.

can amish people take trains

Public/Commercial Transportation

Can Amish fly on planes? Most Amish communities, particularly Old Order conservative groups, are resistant to air travel. They may allow it in cases of emergency, but it’s very rare. The Amish prefer to keep their feet on the ground or close to it at any rate. 


Okay, so cars aren’t allowed and trains are, but do Amish ride bicycles for shorter distances? They sure do! Many Amish enjoy cycling to work, school, or to visit friends and also value the exercise it provides. However, not all Amish people share this fondness for bikes.

can amish use trains

Some communities allow them, and some don’t. In those that do, they even create beautiful hand-woven wicker bike baskets. It’s one of the more charming items available here at Amish Baskets and a truly authentic piece of Amish culture.

can amish people use trains


So, can the Amish ride trains? The Amish aren’t impractical in their transportation choices, and when the need arises, they’ll happily travel by train. 

Don’t be fooled though. They will never abandon their beloved traditional horse-and-buggy for trips in the countryside. It’s a part of their heritage and a constant reminder of their humble origins. That image of the Amish buggy is, quite simply, an Amish icon.

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