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are amish socialist

Are the Amish Socialists?

The Amish are a famously isolated group settled in North America, and their dedication to their faith and way of life has led to some common misconceptions when it comes to their beliefs. 

Because they don’t subscribe to many of the norms shared by most other Americans, baseless speculation has become rampant surrounding their political leanings, which can range from Amish identification cards to questions surrounding the Amish pledge of allegiance. 

The Amish’s devotion to the concept of community has led to many wondering if they may lean toward communism. 

Are the Amish socialists? Let’s take a closer look at their political stance. 

What this article covers:

Are the Amish Political? 

The Amish are typically recognized for their unwillingness to engage in politics. This is because of their belief in seclusion from society at large, and being politically active is viewed as being worldly, which is contrary to their religious views.

are amish communist

While their need to engage with the outside world for commercial purposes has grown over the years, and the questions of an Amish social security number and Amish tax have become increasingly pertinent, they largely remain apolitical. 

The Amish see their religious sect as apart from the state and the rest of society. They hold a kind of self-governance that’s based on their religious principles and community ideals. 

The Amish refrain from political engagement and generally avoid getting involved in governmental affairs. Instead of political philosophy, their way of life is built on religious convictions.

Do the Amish Vote? 

The Amish rarely cast ballots, or engage in other political activities, and Amish voter turnout is consistently nearly non-existent.

are the amish socialist

Different Amish communities may have diverse personal beliefs and traditions. It’s not a typical habit for Amish people to vote in local elections or on particular topics that concern their community.

However, it should be noted that, because there’s no explicit rule against voting, politicians still make the occasional effort to engage with Amish communities members in an effort to encourage them to vote, usually without much success. 

Are the Amish Socialists? 

In short, no, the Amish community don’t practice socialism. 

The Amish are a sect of fundamentalist Christians who uphold a rigid set of principles. They place a strong emphasis on family values, hard work, and basic life. 

are amish people communist

The confusion surrounding their beliefs may stem from the fact that they may share some qualities with socialist ideology, such as a focus on community and communal living. 

However, the Amish community remains more concerned with sharing quality time with family, crafting magnificent wicker hamper baskets, cute picnic baskets, and woven storage baskets for shelves rather than advancing any kind of governmental movent. 

are the amish people socialist

Are the Amish Communists?

Surprise, surprise, the answer here is also no. 

Much like socialism, communism doesn’t center around Christian faith, so the Amish can’t be considered communists. 


When dealing with a culture that, at face value, seems foreign and unfamiliar to one’s own, it’s easy to draw conclusions that aren’t necessarily true.

While the Amish do share a few basic similarities with socialists, they’re mostly superficial and don’t reflect any meaningful intent from the Amish to emulate any kind of Marxist or communist tendencies. 

Frankly, the Amish aren’t all that concerned with having a political stance. If anything, they appear largely unmoved by politics in general, and they don’t allow it to sway them from their faith. 

Let’s face it, politics can get a little ugly at times, and so much of the Amish community is dedicated to bringing out the simple beauty that life has to offer. 

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