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do amish receive stimulus checks

Do the Amish Receive Stimulus Checks?

Stimulus checks are intended as a means of stimulating an economy that’s struggling because of external forces, and many American citizens got theirs in the mail during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the Amish are known for staying true to their independence and denying help when offered. 

Before we can answer the question “Do the Amish Receive Stimulus Checks?”, we should dive into what stimulus checks are and what are their benefits.

What this article covers:

What Are Stimulus Checks?

Stimulus Checks are direct payments from the government to individuals during difficult economic times. 

Either a paper check or a direct bank deposit of the stimulus payment are options for the recipients. 

They’re intended to increase consumer confidence and promote spending by going to the taxpayers, who would then use them to increase revenue at manufacturers and shops. 

These checks however aren’t handed out to anyone. You need to be an American citizen earning $75000 or less, and if that checks out, you will receive a stimulus of $1400.

did the amish get stimulus checks

The Amish folk has Amish IDs approved by the IRS, so they’re American Citizens. They also earn money.

Stimulus checks are a type of fiscal policy, which is a strategy the government uses to attempt and affect a nation's economic circumstances.

Government spending and taxing plans intended to affect a nation's overall economic situation are referred to as fiscal policy. 

These policies are distinct from monetary policy in that it’s not connected to a nation's central bank. Instead, it’s a strategy that the government has implemented.

Benefits of a Stimulus Check

Taxes can be reduced by the government to encourage individuals and corporations to spend more and save more.

With more money available to them during a recession, firms and individuals may be more inclined to invest or spend more. More consumption will result in stronger demand, which will lead to more jobs being created by businesses. 

Increased labor demand will result in higher salaries, which will in turn increase consumption in a positive feedback loop.

did amish get stimulus checks

Do the Amish Receive Stimulus Checks? 

The Amish pay taxes and earn money so do they qualify for these checks? The answer is a double-edged sword. 

Since the Amish are eligible to receive these stimulus checks, they don’t accept them and often return them to the government. 

The Amish communities strive to maintain independence from the government and they believe that accepting financial help from them compromises their independence. 

So yes, the Amish do receive stimulus checks and they qualify for one, but they’re reluctant to accept help from the government.

How Do the Amish Make Money?

Amish social security numbers are non-existent and those who are independent business owners are safe from paying taxes.

But how do these Amish folk make a living and earn money?

Greenhouses and Sawmills 

Since the Amish don’t rely too much on industrial and technological constructions, most communities are filled with green scenery. 

This means that there are plenty of greenhouses in the community. 

These greenhouses are home to plenty of starter plants, and gardening supplies. Many Amish men build smaller-scale greenhouses and sell them to fellow Amish folk.

do the amish get stimulus checks

Another common way for the Amish to earn some income is a sawmill. Most Amish homes are made using wood as well as arts and crafts and furniture.

Woodyard or sawmill operators carry out basic duties like sorting and stacking wood, helping with manual cutting since they don’t use power tools or machinery, cutting orders together and racking offcuts.

Sales of Goods

Stores in Amish communities aren’t uncommon. 

One family might decide to open up an Amish restaurant and serve traditional Amish delicacies, while another family would want to sell handcrafted gifts.The Amish are well known for their proficiency in making wooden works of art. 

Every step of the woodworking process is carried out by hand, with no sight of electrical saws and lathes. Every hole is manually drilled, and every board is similarly cut. 

Even though it takes longer, most people believe the finished goods are better made and have a higher worth. 

The furniture, including chairs, dressers, tables, and sheds, is then sold to earn their money’s worth. These are then sold at general stores.Every Amish community has a general store that sells all sorts of goods. 

This includes lunch meat, grocery items, and anything that a general store would normally sell is sold here.These stores are well-stocked and are bound to receive traction every day of the week.

This independence in opening a store and making a living on their lonesome answers the question that burns everyone’s mind. Are the Amish communist? With such independence, no.


Another way that the Amish make their money is through auctions where fellow Amish folk bring things that they want to auction off. 

do amish get stimulus

This can be anything from woven storage baskets for shelves to tall wicker laundry baskets

Auctions and flea markets allow Amish families to earn some income by selling their goods to the community. 

Families tend to host these auctions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but it’s not an anomaly to see one open all week long.

amish stimulus checks


The Amish community still sews clothing and doesn’t consume brands or designer clothing. 

While there are Amish tailors for that, this profession may be the only one on the list that’s escalating in difficulty.It’s become apparent that, in many ways, it’s simpler to buy clothes than to manufacture them.

Those who know how to manufacture garments from scratch are usually found in the older Amish groups. This is because Amish clothing alternatives and stores are considerably more dispersed, making it difficult for the Amish to get to and from the stores.

As a result, you still find Amish who still create their garments in places like Big Valley.


You would be surprised about the number of Amish farmers. As easy as it is to assume that almost all Amish men end up being farmers, it’s not the most common way that the Amish earn money. 

Yes, Amish men may have small farms for their families, but only a select few do it as a source of income. For those that do farm for an income, the goods are sold in different ways. 

stimulus checks

The most common way of selling agricultural goods is simply setting a table on the side of the road and attracting passersby. 

Products sold and produced by these farmers are wheat, corn, tobacco, hay, soybeans, and fodder for the animals.

The Amish aren’t fans of modern-day technologies but the product needs to make it out to different Amish stores and markets. 

Farmers will hire non-Amish drivers to distribute the goods to the shopkeepers.


Carpenters are the final destination on the list of ways that the Amish can make money.

Many Amish people choose to work as carpenters because they use their hands so frequently.Since carpentry might involve building furniture, simple toys, and other items that would be placed in a home, it’s separate from contract labor.

Even though they aren't specifically termed master and apprentice carpenters in the Amish community, Amish carpenters frequently operate on master and apprentice systems. This contributes to the quality of their craftsmanship.

In this approach, a successful carpenter may instruct his nephew and any other male family members on how to learn the trade.

Generally, women are not employed in this position since Amish culture strongly adheres to traditional gender roles, which include gender-based career choices.

How Have Amish Communities Coped With COVID-19

The Amish have never been a community that follows technological trends or world politics, but the COVID-19 pandemic affected them on a global scale. 

Amish political views are non-existent.

Amish folk also don’t go to doctors as they lack health insurance along with their belief in a technology-free world. This is also the reason for them being against vaccinations.

amish get stimulus

The pandemic saw a shutdown or lockdown of many schools, businesses, and much more. The Amish aren’t strangers to lockdowns however as they tend to close down schools or churches when there’s an outbreak of measles. 

The same lockdown rules were applied when faced with COVID-19, forcing families to practice their religious activities in their homes with their families.

Efforts were made to ensure that information regarding the pandemic gets out to the Amish communities. 

The Amish typically rely on reading newspapers to get an idea of what was going on around the world, but many medical institutions were sending out letters to Amish deacons.

Amish farmers were able to keep working, but a lot of other industries were forced to close down. The Amish sense of community allowed them to weather the financial storm so that many of them could afford to turn down a stimulus check. 


The Amish not accepting the stimulus checks is a confirmation that they truly are an independent community. 

They don't want to be associated with politics or government finances. 

However, they’re still regarded as US citizens so the government is obligated to send help whether they accept it or not.

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