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Image of Amish Pumpkin Pie

Amish Pumpkin Pie

If you are looking for the best holiday pumpkin pie recipe, look for farther. This Amish Pumpkin Pie recipe is all you need. This Amish recipe is a classic creamy pumpkin custard pie and is perfect for any holiday. Amish Pumpkin Pie is an easy recipe that can be quickly prepared and served within moments.

Similar to an Amish custard pumpkin pie, this Amish pie is a blend of pumpkin, sugar, corn syrup, milk, vanilla and topped with fresh cinnamon.Try using our tried and true flakey Amish Pie Crust or simply use a store bought pie for easier convenience. Either way you cannot go wrong with this simple traditional Amish pumpkin pie recipe!

What are different variations of Amish Pumpkin Pie?

Feel free to use store bought pumpkin or use real pumpkin or squash for the filling of this pie. If you are using pumpkin, we recommend using small pumpkins or butternut squash. Bake or steam pumpkin and make into puree.

Or simply use canned pumpkin for quicker preparation! You can also use this Amish Pumpkin pie filling in our Amish Fried Pie recipe. The options are limitless!

More Amish Pie Inspiration

If you love classic Amish Pumpkin Pie, we also recommend checking out Amish Shoofly Pie and Amish Peanut Butter Pie. These classic pie recipes are perfect to add to your baking repertoire. You can’t go wrong with these Amish pie recipes!

Looking for the best way to serve your Amish Pumpkin Pie?

For an easy and convenient way to serve your pie, try using our handmade Medium Tabletop Lazy Susan Basket. This handwoven Amish basket is great for large gatherings and has hundreds of uses. Use this beautiful basket as a centerpiece on the kitchen table top for round serving platters, fruit, condiments, or anything you need to keep within easy rotational reach.

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