Amish Jam Gift Basket | Homemade Jam Basket Gift Set

Crafted by the Mast Family

Measures: 9" x 6" x 3" tall

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This one-of-a-kind gift basket will take your gift-giving back to the simpler times of yesteryear. This gift set is packed with three deliciously sweet homemade jams and fruit butter spread packed inside an unforgettable, keepsake-quality, handcrafted Amish basket. Each flavor-filled jar of jam in this unique gift pack is bursting with special flavors provided by vine-ripened, fresh and natural fruit. Each juicy jar is lovingly handcrafted in small batches by Lena Mast in our local Amish community to give each serving a consistently excellent flavor. The recipe for these delectable jams and fruit spreads have been handed down from generation to generation and are sure to provide your gift recipient with the ultimate treat. (Read more about Lena and her love for making her delicious jams and fruit spreads below.) PLEASE NOTE: The Personalized Brass Plate is optional and needs to be ordered as an option for it to be added to your gift basket. (Note: Due to the seasonality of the fruits used a substitute flavor of jam may be made.)

Handcrafted Gift Basket Included:
The Amish heirloom-quality handwoven basket included in this gift basket set is created to be a wonderfully functional decor basket that can be used far beyond the gift-giving season. The unique and durable countertop basket makes the perfect catchall basket to display in any entryway, living room, or bedroom. Keeping this handy woven basket on any kitchen, bathroom counter, or bedroom dresser provides the perfect place to toss small items while its unique look and feel will add warmth to any room. From keys to wallets, from hand towels to toiletry items, the sky's the limit for the hundreds of year-round organizational uses your gift recipient will find for this handy storage basket. To make this gift even more special, each of these Amish Old-Order handcrafted gift baskets will be signed on the bottom by the Amish family member who crafts the special basket. Note: The engraved Brass plate shown is optional and is not included with the basket unless you select to have it added to your basket.

Gift Basket Jams and Fruit Spread Included:
Each gift basket comes with three jam jars containing favorite Amish flavors. Each delectable flavor is handmade from natural fruit picked from the vine at the peak of freshness. Your gift recipient is sure to be impressed when they experience the flavors they find inside their gift basket. Each gift basket comes with three, full-sized, 10-ounce glass jars filled with high quality and delightfully delicious jams and fruit butter spread. NOTE: Jam Flavors included may vary from those pictured and will be an assortment of in-season flavors.

More about Lena and Her Love of Making Sweet Jams and Butters...
Lena grew up in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother learning the family recipes to make the finest preserves and butters as they have been handed down in her Old-Order Amish family for generations. She learned the importance of using the finest and freshest fruits and learned to respect the importance of carefully measuring each quality ingredient and watching over each pot while it cooked.

Lena has always loved satisfying her family with her cooking skills. She would spend much of her time choosing and preparing meals and desserts not just for her family but, as members of the community discovered her special cooking skills, the requests for the homemade items from her kitchen came more and more frequently.

One of Lena’s favorite items to prepare was always her family’s deliciously-sweet recipes for jams and fruit butters. From the time Lena was a child, her ability to turn each fresh fruit harvest into jams, jellies, and preserves that the family could enjoy all year long held a special place in her heart.

It was not long before Lena began receiving requests for her jams and butters from the English who lived in and around the Amish community and even from people outside the community.

It was 20 years ago when Lena finally gave in and began making her jams available to everyone. With the help of a local printer who made up labels for her jams and butters, she began labeling jars and making her delectable jams available to everyone.

Through the years, Lena has never changed the way she prepares her jams, preserves, and butters. She still cooks them in the same small batches using only the finest and freshest natural fruits and all the best available ingredients.

After enjoying one of Lena’s sweet creations, we are sure you will agree that the experience and attention Lena devotes to each and every batch makes each and every serving of her juicy and sweet jams and fruit spreads a special treat.

Measures: 9" x 6" x 3" tall

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