Amish Made Heavy Duty Large Round Laundry Basket

Crafted by the Gingerich Family
Measures: 18" diameter x 14" tall

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This Amish handmade Large Laundry Basket is a real workhorse. This heavy-duty laundry basket will outlast other wicker laundry baskets and can be used for much more than just a large capacity drum basket for laundry. This hefty basket’s rugged construction allows it to be perfect for carrying and storing firewood or logs. You could also use this large round laundry basket for stowing away items in your car or keep your sports equipment neatly in one place. Nearly anything that you might need to move from one place to another would be perfect in this large woven laundry basket. The leather loop handles on each side make it easy to carry, even when it’s fully loaded. Hand-woven and signed by the Amish Crafter.

Measures: 18" diameter x 14" tall



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