Goat Soap Gift Basket | Fresh Amish Goat Soap Gift Set

Crafted by the Mast Family

Measures: 9" x 6" x 3" tall

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With this one-of-a-kind gift basket, you can give the gift of radiant, younger, and smoother-looking skin. This unforgettable gift basket comes filled with three full-sized bars of fresh Amish handcrafted goat’s milk soaps. Goat’s milk is a natural ph-balancer with alpha-hydroxy acids that will leave everyone’s skin extra clean, soft, and supple. This premium goat’s milk gift assortment is attractively displayed inside an unforgettable, keepsake-quality, handcrafted Amish basket. Each traditionally saponified fresh goat milk bar in this special gift set has its own special features that you can read about below. Each tough cleaning goat milk soap bar is handcrafted in small batches in our local Amish community by Martha Gingerich and her family. The recipes for Martha’s soothing goat soaps have remained unchanged for generations and feature the finest of natural ingredients. (PLEASE NOTE: The Personalized Brass Plate is optional and needs to be ordered as an option for it to be added to your gift basket.)

Beneficial Handmade Goat Soaps Included:
Each gift basket comes with three full-size bars of soap made with fresh goat’s milk that is milked from the Gingerich family’s own goats they keep on their farm. Martha Gingerich only uses traditional goat soap recipes as they have been handed down for cleaning in the Amish community for generations. The benefits of natural goat’s milk in being gentle and protecting the skin have been known for thousands of years. Amish goat’s milk soap is packed with vitamins like vitamin B2 and A which boosts the skin’s natural repair processes and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can help with other skin conditions. You are sure to love the subtle scents and thick, foamy lather you will find in Martha’s special soaps. Each bar is excellent at removing dirt and impurities from the skin and rinses off thoroughly. This special goat soap gift assortment comes with three of Martha’s most requested soaps. You get two bars of cleaning goat soaps, one bar with a subtle sweet incense fragrance, and one bar with a subtle tropical citrus fragrance. This assortment also includes a bar of Martha’s versatile goat milk shampoo with a refreshing tea mint fragrance and no SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). (Note: The shampoo bar can be used either as a shampoo or as a refreshing hand soap, your choice.)

Handcrafted Gift Basket Included:
The Amish heirloom-quality handwoven basket included in this gift basket set is created to be a wonderfully functional decor basket that can be used far beyond the gift-giving season. The unique and durable countertop basket makes the perfect trinket or catch-all basket to display in any entryway, living room, or bedroom. After the soaps are used… Keeping this handy woven basket on any kitchen, bathroom counter, or bedroom dresser provides the perfect place to toss small items while its unique look and feel will add warmth to any room. From keys to wallets, from hand towels to toiletry items, the sky's the limit for the hundreds of year-round organizational uses your gift recipient will find for this handy storage basket. To make this gift even more special, each of these Amish Old-Order handcrafted gift baskets will be signed on the bottom by the Amish family member who crafts the special basket. (Note: The engraved Brass Plate shown is optional and is not included with the basket unless you select to have it added to your basket.)

Measures: 9" x 6" x 3" tall

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