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Triangle Shaped Baskets | Custom Size Triangular Wicker Storage

Custom Made
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"I needed a triangular basket of odd dimensions, and the Yoder family wove a gorgeous basket for me! It fit perfectly into my space, and I love it. Everyone comments on it!" - Jacqueline B.

Needs Crafted - Order Now (FREE Delivery In 3-4 Weeks)

Our triangular wicker baskets are great for hundreds of possible uses around your home! You can custom design the perfect size triangular basket and an Old-Order Amish family in the Heartland of the USA will weave your triangle basket for you, to your specific size needs. Now you can order your triangular wicker basket by size that will complement your rustic, western, primitive, or country decor in any room. Design the perfect size triangle corner basket from small to large or any size in between. You can find hundreds of possible uses for triangle wicker baskets from clothes hampers to trash cans to decorative corner cabinet baskets and much more. Each of our custom wicker triangular storage baskets are woven from durable rattan wicker and comes with a solid wood bottom for unbeatable durability. Your custom triangular basket will be completely hand woven in the traditional Amish basketry fashion from durable wood materials by one of our local Amish basket weaving families and is guaranteed to supply you with years of rustic charm. Each triangle storage basket is made in the USA, handwoven in the Heartland and signed by the Amish Crafter.


Your triangle wicker basket will be hand-woven, and its size may naturally vary slightly due to the basket being totally handcrafted. Please allow up to 1/2" in size variance when ordering (up to 3/4" on large sized, triangle corner baskets).

The measurements you specify will the size (within the above-mentioned tolerances) on the outside of your triangular basket.

To Order: Simply select the length for each straight side of your triangular basket, then specify the height, trim color, and any preferred options for your woven triangle wicker basket. (Note: the rear corner of this basket is a 90-degree angle so the front of your basket will be longer than the length you specify for the sides.)

Specify Length: This is the distance from the inside corner and to the outer edge of each straight side of the triangle basket. Note that the inside measurement of your triangular basket will be approximately 3/4” smaller than the outside.

Specify Height: The wicker basket height is always measured from the bottom to the top on the outside of the basket. The inside height of your woven triangular basket will be approximately 1/2“ smaller than the outside.

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for your custom-made triangular basket to be shipped.


Available Options for Your Triangular Shaped Custom Size Basket Include...

... Leather Pull Handle

Adding a centered leather pull handle to the front of your triangular corner basket will give you easy access to the items stored in your corner basket.

... Cloth Liner

Adding a machine washable, hand-sewn cloth liner to your custom triangle corner basket will add both extra color to go with your home décor and provide extra protection to keep your triangle wicker baskets looking new.

... Custom Lids

You can add an optional lift-off wooden lid to your custom rectangle basket to keep your stored items neatly hidden away. When you select the lid option, your triangle basket with lid will come with a leather lifting strap in the center of the lid for your convenience. LID NOTE: Including its leather lift strap, adding the lid option will add approximately 1” of additional height to your triangle basket.

... Personalization

You can add a custom engraved solid Brass plate to your custom triangle basket. You can add a name, a label for your basket’s storage contents, or saying of your choice and it will be custom engraved on a personalized Brass plate that will be permanently attached at the center of the front of your triangle shaped basket.


Some Popular Uses for Our Triangle Shape Custom Baskets...

... Triangular Storage Basket

Maximize your storage space by designing your ideal triangle storage basket to fit both the space you have available and your home décor. From small triangular corner baskets for storage of craft supplies, household items, pet toys, or other knick-knacks in to a large triangular storage basket that you can keep anything from pillows to outerwear in your entryway stored in. You can even add a custom wooden lid to your triangle shaped storage basket to keep your stored items out of sight.

... Triangle Corner Basket

One of the most underutilized storage spaces in many homes is the empty corners in each room. With their beautifully crafted, décor-friendly, woven wicker design, our triangular shaped corner baskets allow you to utilize any of your corner space above and beyond its maximum storage and display potential.

... Triangle Waste Basket

Add a triangular wastebasket or recycling bin to your home or office for the most convenient place to toss trash or recycling and also fit in beautifully with your décor. No need to hide your trash can when it is a handwoven wicker basket that is sure to bring compliments from everyone who sees it.

... Triangle Shelf Basket

Add vertical storage space and a beautiful new look to any corner shelves when you add one of our custom size triangular baskets to any corner shelf. By using our triangle-shaped baskets on your corner shelves, you will instantly find hundreds of new storage uses for any corner shelf in your home. On the other hand, ordering a tall triangle basket even allows you to use our woven wicker triangular baskets anywhere as a triangle wall basket.

... Triangle Fruit Basket

Our custom sized triangle shape woven wicker baskets can be a welcome addition to your kitchen countertop. Store anything from fruits to flowers to kitchen utensils in your custom sized triangle basket and add a neat and attractive new look to your kitchen or dining room. You can even specify a lid for your triangle kitchen basket to make it into an excellent corner storage basket for chips and bread.

...Plus, There are Literally Hundreds of More Uses for Our Triangular Baskets by Size!

NOTE: Are you looking for a different shape for your custom made basket? You can see all the custom baskets shapes we have available by clicking here!