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Each basket crafted by the Yoder family is a piece of Amish tradition, woven by hand with skills passed down through generations. Their baskets are not just practical; they’re a piece of home, made with care and a touch of history. Each Yoder family basket holds a story of Americana that tells a timeless tale of craftsmanship.

Meet David and Rebecca Yoder

(2nd and 3rd Generations of Yoders Currently Weaving Baskets)

David Yoder was born and raised near Port Washington, Ohio. His wife, Rebecca, was born about 50 miles to the North in Wayne County, Ohio. Rebecca’s family moved to Minnesota when Rebecca was 4 months old and she grew up weaving baskets in Minnesota. When Rebecca was 13 years old her family moved and settled in our Amish community here on the border between Iowa and Missouri. David grew up in his own basket-weaving family near Port Washington, Ohio until his family also moved to our Amish community. Both David and Rebecca’s families were weaving baskets here on separate farms that were situated a short distance from each other. It was not to long after David’s family initially settled into our community that David and Rebecca met. At the age of 20, David married Rebecca who was 19 at the time. Since both David and Rebecca’s families had been involved in the tradition of weaving baskets from before each of them were born, they now feel a special calling to continue and pass down their family’s tradition of basket weaving to their children.