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Amish German Potato Salad

Amish German Potato Salad

Get ready for a wonderful recipe using one of our favorite ingredients, potatoes! This Amish German Potato Salad is a perfect addition to any winter dinner or large gathering. Prepare in minutes with staple pantry items like potatoes, onion, and bacon. A classic crowd favorite ready to go in less than 20 minutes!

What is Amish German Potato Salad?

Amish German Potato Salad is a decadent warm potato salad with bacon bits and onion with a sweet vinaigrette. Amish German Potato Salad is best served warm and is a great side dish for any occasion. Compared to traditional potato salad, Amish German Potato Salad is served warm and does not contain mayonnaise or eggs.

How do you make Amish German Potato salad?

Amish German Potato Salad is made with crispy bacon and sauteed onions in a sweet vinegar sauce. The onion is cooked in the bacon fat which is then reduced in sugar, vinegar, and water. This gives the onions a nice sweet glaze which flavors the potatoes wonderfully. Serve warm and garnish with fresh parsley.

If you enjoy potato salads, we suggest trying Traditional Amish Potato Salad or Amish Potato Salad. These salads are great for picnics, BBQs, or large gatherings.

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